San Francisco Theatre Festival

This Sunday is the 7th Annual San Francisco Theatre Festival in Yerba Buena Gardens, on 3rd and Mission, next to the Metreon in San Francisco.  There are 130 shows, 17 stages, over 200 actors and best of all – it’s FREE!!  Yes, you can come, sit, enjoy the shows, no charge, no pass-the-hat, just come on out and enjoy the theatre.  There are even 30 shows for kids and families.  This great event runs from 11am – 5pm.

I am going to be there promoting the Northern California Renaissance Faire – Along with Sir Walter Ralegh and other performers.

In addition to all the fun, “Manly Men in Tights”, one of the Faires shows, will be performing on the waterfall stage at 4:35pm.  Come support the boys in their show of  laughter, steel & sex appeal.

The Metreon next door has coffee options as well as many little food places for lunch such the Buckhorn, a great Mexican place, sushi, and Chinese food among other things.  In the afternoon we usually head over to the vintage carousel and ride in our outfits because we are just geeks that way.  Hey, it’s fun, it’s free, what more can you ask for a Sunday afternoon?

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