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Follow Up On Yesterday’s Blog Radio

First, here is some feedback from host DeAnna:

Hi Everyone-
How FUN was today’s interview?  Deirdre is hysterical!  I wish I was in the Bay Area to see/hear one of her presentations…good grief.

Best quotes of the interview:
“the squirrel stole my thong…” (title of Deirdre’s upcoming book…can’t WAIT to hear that story!)
“you can be creative…or you can sell crack”

This & many more wonderful gems were given in this really fun half hour.

Deirdre is a historical costume designer who’s work has been featured on Showtime, Renaissance Faire magazine & other publications, a Shakesperean actor & lover of English drawing room comedies.  She is an author, writer & actress.  She loves teaching kids actual history & inspiring them!  Her thoughts are that “history doesn’t NEED any embellishment!”  And I have to agree with her.

Catch up with Deirdre on Facebook: ncrf_queen or Deirdre Sargent
and her blog at

Deirdre will also be our guest next week on Kick A** Women in History when we look at the life of Queen Elizabeth I….YEA!

It was a really fun interview and I had a great time.  You can download the show for free on itunes.  Here is the link.  I will post another reminder when I do my Queen Elizabeth interview next Monday.

I think it is so great to have an outlet to showcase women and their accomplishments both historical and contemporary.

Radio Blog Show Today – Subject: Me!

Women Making a Difference w/Deirdre Sargent.

This afternoon I am going to be on blog radio talking about my work with school kids, teaching history with Presenters of Living History, my writing and general empowerment through entertainment.  I will be on next week at the same time talking about Queen Elizabeth.  If you can’t listen live, you can download the show after the fact for free and listen.

This show/radio blog – Women Making A Difference – is based on the TV talk show special “Women Making a Difference” shown in Milwaukee by Eden Place Productions and hosted by DeAnna Radaj of Bante Design LLC. Meet inspiring women as they share their stories! DeAnna Radaj, host of the show & owner of Bante Design LLC. Awesome and fabulous women are interviewed who make a difference in their community, state and/or beyond through service work or their business. Meet business CEOs, non-profit heads or women who volunteer their time/money to mentor, volunteer or donate. You’ll be inspired!