Follow Up On Yesterday’s Blog Radio

First, here is some feedback from host DeAnna:

Hi Everyone-
How FUN was today’s interview?  Deirdre is hysterical!  I wish I was in the Bay Area to see/hear one of her presentations…good grief.

Best quotes of the interview:
“the squirrel stole my thong…” (title of Deirdre’s upcoming book…can’t WAIT to hear that story!)
“you can be creative…or you can sell crack”

This & many more wonderful gems were given in this really fun half hour.

Deirdre is a historical costume designer who’s work has been featured on Showtime, Renaissance Faire magazine & other publications, a Shakesperean actor & lover of English drawing room comedies.  She is an author, writer & actress.  She loves teaching kids actual history & inspiring them!  Her thoughts are that “history doesn’t NEED any embellishment!”  And I have to agree with her.

Catch up with Deirdre on Facebook: ncrf_queen or Deirdre Sargent
and her blog at

Deirdre will also be our guest next week on Kick A** Women in History when we look at the life of Queen Elizabeth I….YEA!

It was a really fun interview and I had a great time.  You can download the show for free on itunes.  Here is the link.  I will post another reminder when I do my Queen Elizabeth interview next Monday.

I think it is so great to have an outlet to showcase women and their accomplishments both historical and contemporary.

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