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Morning Monday Funny

I have decided that Monday’s need to start with some humor. Gods known we need it. So today to get your smile going, I bring you a photo essay from “Pasadena, 91105 and Beyond” titled “Balloon Chicken Saves The Day”.

I’ve never been partial to balloon animals. Even as a child, I never saw the attraction. They just lose air, get all wrinkly and deflate. Just laying there all sad, damp and flaccid. Just like fallen leaves in the early morning or fruit that fell off the tree after a wind storm. I even had a friend who was terrified of balloons because she just hated the shock if one popped next to her.

At least balloon chicken is entertaining. With that coxcomb, at least we know he is a boy chicken. I wonder if he wakes you up in the morning? I do think he is kinda hot. Well, he’s full of hot air after all!

Go forth, drink caffeine and start your day everyone!

Gold Class Cinema – The Best Thing Since Fois Gras

Hey Everyone!  Pasadena has something special.  Not that Pasadena wasn’t special before but this is the Super Bowl of special!  This is the best movie theatre experience EVER!  Imax has nothing on this newest cinema revelation.  This red carpet event (the only venue in CA BTW) is something you should run to at the first opportunity but make sure to save your pennies first.

What is it?  Well many years ago in the bay area there was a 2nd run movie house called Picture, Pub and Pizza.  They ripped out all the seats, put in some old couches and armchairs.  You could order pizza, beer and munchies (like wings) delivered to your table.  All the movies (with the exception of the baby brigade on Monday nights) were 21 and over.  It was a little run down BUT it was $5 a seat, you could drink beer, have pizza, sit on a couch and not have to worry about kids.  It was wonderful but then they closed.

I thought my life was over.  However, this concept is back but bigger, better and boozier than before. I spent the weekend in Pasadena and Catwoman told me of this new theatre, the Gold Class Cinema.  I keep wanting to call it the Gold Coast – same thing in my mind.  It is the finest in every way.

This theatre experience is in Old Towne and is pretty amazing.  Each of the 8 theatres seat only 40 people so you don’t have to worry about crowding although for popular movies you need to reserve your seats and buy your tickets on-line as they sell out fast.  Let me take you through this experience:

Yes, that is a red carpet.  You walk into the lobby where young, chic people in black take your membership card and pre-paid tickets then have one of them escort you to the main lobby one floor down.  The lobby, where you will wait for your show to start looks like a chic club.

Here you can relax on low boxy chairs, have a cocktail and order the food you want to have during the movie.  Here is a copy of the menu:–and–Beverage/Menu-Downloads.htm

You have noticed that this is not Picture, Pub and Pizza.  This is fairly high priced food with high priced tickets to match BUT with a high end experience that is TOTALLY worth it!  It is the perfect date night AND because of the price, you get a level of clientele who are here for the movie and NOT to text and talk on their phone like a douche or let their kids scream and run around.

We ordered “Batcave” martinis (Hendricks gin) as our starters and then ordered the Charcuterie Platter, the Duck Tacos and the Assorted Cookies & Brownie Platter for dessert.  Once our theatre was opened, we were escorted to our seats.  They look like large first class airline recliner chairs with a storage area in one arm and a small table between with a call button to order more food or (more importantly, more booze).  You can see the green call button next to our martinis.

Alice in Wonderland 3D was sold out so we saw Avatar in 3D.  It was wonderful.  We were given pillows and blankets.  Let that sink in.  Pillow, blanket, martini, duck tacos (more like burritos) and a cushy recliner!  RECLINER!  With your own personal Jeeves only a button push away.  Ummmm, that is a whole PILE of awesome!

To me the only thing that would make this better would be to have Gordon Ramsey bring me the martini and bickies without his shirt on.  Good times!  I love Pasadena!