Morning Monday Funny

I have decided that Monday’s need to start with some humor. Gods known we need it. So today to get your smile going, I bring you a photo essay from “Pasadena, 91105 and Beyond” titled “Balloon Chicken Saves The Day”.

I’ve never been partial to balloon animals. Even as a child, I never saw the attraction. They just lose air, get all wrinkly and deflate. Just laying there all sad, damp and flaccid. Just like fallen leaves in the early morning or fruit that fell off the tree after a wind storm. I even had a friend who was terrified of balloons because she just hated the shock if one popped next to her.

At least balloon chicken is entertaining. With that coxcomb, at least we know he is a boy chicken. I wonder if he wakes you up in the morning? I do think he is kinda hot. Well, he’s full of hot air after all!

Go forth, drink caffeine and start your day everyone!

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  1. How is Laura these days?

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