Justin Beaver – The New Steinbeck?

The other day I received a message from Barnes & Noble in my e-mail box.  They wanted to  make sure I knew “Based upon your previous purchases, we thought you’d be interested in reading the new, authorized photo memoir by pop star Justin Bieber.”

What?  How does ordering historical Elizabethan fiction or a cover for my Kindle translate into “I want a photo comic book written by some pre-teen heart-throb of the month that I’ve never heard of?”  The book in question is called “Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story” and I’m amazed it’s larger than a pamphlet.  Honestly, how much living can you fit into ten years?  John Steinbeck, move over!  A new literary star has entered the heavens!  Justin BEAVER!  I know, Bieber – whatever.

I went to the Barnes & Noble website to look at this important tome that obviously fits with my reading habits.  Allow me to quote on of the two reviews I found:

Anonymous – Posted August 5, 2010, 11:58 AM EST: I REALLY tried to like Justin, and I’m not a hater. But Justin has NO business on a bookshelf! When you market a book to 6-12 year olds you aren’t supposed to be writing autobiographies! Justin does not belong on bookshelves and even though the book was written for him. Even his fans know it was a ghostwriter. God, I hate how they market him. This is not the way things should be going in his career or in bookstores.

Well, I have to agree with the sentiments and cringe at the sentence structure.  I can say that even my loose style obeys some structure.  See?  I could have started that sentence with “even” and I didn’t.  With all the serious issues facing us as a society, do we really need this?  Though on the other hand, as a model of teen behaviour, at least he isn’t flashing his.. beaver.

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  1. May be justin might have 100 books by the time generally people start writting their fist book..lol

  2. Hilarious!! Even though you could have started your sentence with “even” you summed up the way I feel about Justin B. and the marketing of teen pop. Thank you!

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