When The Going Gets Tough, The Plush Get Furry

So today for Whack-a-doodle Wednesday, I give you Furries.  The other day I had to make the trek into San Francisco when I turned the corner and was surprised, startled and a little shocked.  Leather boys?  Nope, they’re a dime a dozen.  Drag Queens?  They never shock me.  Dykes on Bykes with Bunnies?  Now that might get me to look but no.  It was a furry.  Actually it was a pair of furries, a fox and a rodent of some sort or maybe a beaver.  It was hard to tell.  Who were they?  Men?  Women?  One of each?  Hell if I know!  They were in an animal suit.

Yes, good people, a furry is a person who likes to dress in an animal suit.  There are many types of furries as I have learned the hard way and they come in all flavors and from all walks of life. I was first exposed to this phenomenon via a really great 8 page article in Vanity Fair. (AKA The Gay Mans National Enquirer – God I love this magazine) – http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/features/2001/03/furries200103  This gives you an overview behind people that identify with anthropomorphic themes (people who identify culturally and/or sexually with animals that have human characteristics.

Now am I going to get all judgemental?  No.  Hell if you want to dress like Bixbey the Bear or Randy the Rabbit I could care less as long as you don’t make me do it because I think it’s strange.  You see, that is the true definition of tolerance.  Tolerance is not acceptance.  You tolerate your Aunt Mabel showing you 500 slides of her old cat Tinkles because she is 500 years old and loaded and you want to stay in the will.  You tolerate a crying baby on the bus.  You tolerate asshats who wave signs around proclaiming Sarah Palin as the best thing to happen to America since cable TV.  You don’t have to like it, do it or accept it but if they aren’t breaking any laws or making you do it, then you look, shake your head and move on.

Honestly if I had to pick I would rather live in a whole condo full of furries than Sarah Palin supporters but that’s just me.  San Francisco is full of a wide variety of entertaining people, the vast majority of them harmless.  So as long as I don’t have to “yiff” anyone, I’m good.  I’m just going to sit here, watch television and try not to pay too much attention to the stuffed animals.  It might be contagious.

For your viewing pleasure – Drew Carey dates a girl who digs dressing in a squirrel suit.  (That pretty much says it all)

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  1. A couple of furries came to Southern this year too. I was actually suprised it took so long for any to show up. At least that I’ve seen.

  2. i am in aggreaance with you here i myself am a furry i know how odd we can be and for the most part we stay to our oun but there are bad eggs in evry batch as it were. i live my life like anyone els well mostly anyway

  3. Omg I know totally nerdy but I bet this is the sharaton Atlanta for…dragon con!!

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