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Whack-A-Doodle Wednesday Crawls Back.. with Bunnies

I know, I know, I suck. If it’s any comfort, I have been in Disney World and Disneyland. Oh, I suck more? Fine but I’m doing it for you! Really! Fine, I’m doing it for me too because The Mouse is all kinds of happy, dancing, Mickey crack to me.

I am getting ready to launch a re-mastered version of the Magic Kingdom Guide, working on a guide for Animal Kingdom and Epcot as well. The Squirrel book is in the can and going through the design process and the Easter Bunny got busted for drug possession.

Really! Don’t you people read? It seems a shopping mall Easter Bunny was popping pills on his break (who can blame him with kids piddling on him all day), was caught, detained and arrested. It seems he didn’t have a doctors note for those Qualudes so off to the slammer he hopped. I suppose if he HAD a prescription they would have let him off with a warning and a jar of jelly beans. Honestly, how is a fake rabbit suppose to make a living?

Yes, the world is full of sad people, trying to make a living, dressing as furries for a confused holiday. Allow me to share with you a brilliant blog dedicated to creepy Easter bunnies. After you are through looking, you can thank me. –

Personally, I’m here for the Scotch. I know the REAL Easter Bunny really doesn’t give a crap about chocolate eggs, Peeps or plastic grass. The real Easter Bunny is into Scotch, cigars and sitting in a blind at the North Pole waiting to get a clear shot at Santa who’s amazingly nimble for jolly old elf with a bowl full of jelly belly.

Well now that we can settle down to the residuals of our holiday sugar highs, I will start planning my next Mouse trip, do some more writing and be on the look out for a nice glass of Scotch magically appearing on my front porch. Hey…. ummmmm, isn’t that amber liquid a bit warm?