The UK falls into a pit of US death food and can’t get up!

So today for Whack-A-Doodle Wednesday, I am sad to report the fall of the British Empire. I know, I know, that ship sailed when they left India (taking curry and cool fashions as the consolation prize) but this is an intellectual fall they are experiencing now and it makes me weep.

To me, our brothers and sisters across the pond have served as a reminder of our more cultured selves. Perhaps it’s watching all that Masterpiece Theatre, the BBC and dressing up like the Queen of England on weekends but that’s how it is. Until now.

I have just discovered that Pizza Hut, in one of the foulest experiments known to human kind, is debuting a….. hot dog stuffed inside the crust of their already dough heavy pizzas. Yeah, first we had cheese filled crust, now we have hot dog filled crust and it’s only available in the UK! I would expect an abomination like this to be peddled to the good people of Squirrel Butt, Arkansas but I thought the British were smarter. Evidently not.

Don’t believe me?

England, you send Jamie Oliver over here to show us the error of our food ways, how we are killing ourselves and our kids with high fat, empty calorie crap and then you eat THIS?! Are you kidding me?

I am going to pray that the stiff upper lip, moral fiber of the British people come to the fore, they reject this insidious abomination and have some nice kippers with their farm fresh eggs. If Britain falls, we are all doomed!

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  1. Alas, in the land where everything under the sun gets popped into a pie, Pizza Hut can start counting the pounds sterling right now. (The British on the other hand can start counting stone.)

  2. Mer (Viki from St. Lukes)

    So, I’m working through my lunch break, eating at my desk in that I’m-so-far-behind-on-this-project-I’ll-have-to-leave-it-to-someone-in-my-will frame of mind, when my beloved (and sorely missed) “Whacka-Doodle Wednesday” falls into my email inbox. “Aha, I think–this is what I need, comic-relief!” (Well, okay, that AND 37 hours a day instead merely 24…) I open it up right when I’m taking a big ol’ swig of watery iced-tea……and NO. This time you did not make me snarf all over my keyboard. I was too busy curling into the fatal fetal position of squee……hotdogs in pizza crust??? Eeeewwwwwwwwww. Totally NASTY. But to be fair, that fair, green isle is guilty of many an icky food sin. )See: ) Okay–back to the spreadsheets from hell. Suddenly my PBJ seems like health food.

    Good to see this again–I’ve missed you. ♥

    • I will earnestly try to at least hit my Whack-A-Doodle Wednesdays! My book projects and research trips have been eating the small bits of free time I had. Just trying to get a cover together so I can launch the squirrel book, finish two more Disney Guides and a re-vamp on another and THEN there is NaNo Camp and NaNo itself! ARGH! I do have some more great ideas, just need to get them down on paper.

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