Want To Save Some Dough? Enter Cyberspace!

Today’s no-cost tidbit for Finance Friday’s has to do with cyber coupons.

I get email blasts from GotDailyDeals.com. This is hit or miss but when it hits, it can save you a lot. Basically you will get email notifications of deals from businesses in your area and you can choose if you want to sign up with an account and buy the daily coupon. Let me give you an example of one I bought yesterday.

Round Table Pizza was having a deal – 50% off. Basically you get a coupon for $24 worth of food that you pay $12 for. The coupon is on sale for 24 hours, is available to print the day after purchase and is good through February 2012. They list any restrictions up front like delivery is not included or the coupon is only good for the store you selected.

Now pizza use to be perfect for a “cheap date” and Round Table makes some good pizza with fresh ingredients. However, the price of pizza has skyrocketed along with movie ticket prices. Round Table is good but hella pricey. An X-Large pizza will run you $25 easy so to get a huge pizza that will either feed me for 9 days (tin foil and the freezer are your friends) for half price is a total bargain! After using the coupon, I am paying about .75 a slice.

It costs nothing to join, most of the stuff isn’t going to interest you but in this economy it is always good to be on the lookout for things that will stretch your food/entertainment/clothing dollar. While I am not one of those crazy, compulsive coupon clippers that you see on cable TV who can buy 10 carts full of stuff for $10 or get money back, this is the next best thing.

There have been a few cottage industries on the net that will direct you towards low-cost entertainment options or even free events. Take advantage of these. Just make sure to read all those small words to understand what is and is not included. Some food deals are buy one, get one free which is great when you are with a friend because you are splitting the cost of one entrée but not so good if you are flying solo. A little networking and a little bit of a thrifty mindset will save you money down the line.

Of course, remember that the cheapest way to eat is to buy fresh ingredients and cook your own. The freezer is your friend. Next week we will talk about Stone Soup Parties and how to make affordable healthy choices in food.

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  1. I get so many deals like that via email and i love it. I also found out recently that Fudrckers takes AAA.

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