Sarah Palin Has The Power To Change History

So as you may or may not know, Whack-A-Doodle Queen Sarah Palin is at it again. Believe me, every time that woman opens her mouth it is a blessing to comedy writers everywhere but this time she is re-writing history with her ignorance and it’s disturbing.

It seems that instead of Revere alerting the colonists that the “British were coming”, he was running about ringing bells in the face of the British Officers. I suppose in her mind, alerting the British to our treasonous acts in advance was a good plan.

“Hey! Redcoat guy! I know we’re subjects of the King and everything but we want to rule ourselves so we are rebelling. Thought you should know that! Here, let me ring this bell in your face and waggle my fanny in your direction and tell you that you aint takin’ our guns!”

Ummmmmm, really? Think I’m exaggerating (beyond the exaggeration for the funny?), then check out the actual tape.

From my point of view, I see a clueless woman who doesn’t know jack about what she is talking about. She is just running her mouth hoping to sound intelligent and reasonable to her “base”. This reminds me of the standard beauty pageant question session.

“So Miss Alaska, what do you think is the greatest threat facing our society today?”

“Well Jim, I think that the World is a wonderful place with so much promise and hopes and dreams that I would want that world to be wrapped up in all the hopes and dreams of all the people of the world no matter what their religion, color or coffee preference may be. I think threats should be conquered with hopes and dreams and world peace. Thank you.”

Yeah, her answer was like that. But it didn’t stop there. The rabid, tin-foil hat wearing, nut jobs out there (you know who you are), actually think this idiot is the next Messiah. They hang on her every word. They not only believe her but are posting her version of “history” as the real thing. There was a word war going on over on Wikipedia where her followers were editing the Paul Reveres Midnight Ride page to reflect Sarah’s slant (because if it’s in Wiki it’s true) and normal people were changing it back.

Check out some of the links on the discussion page! There are too many to list here but they are great fun.

Also in the interest of fairness, check out this fabulous, funny radio show clip (Majority Report w/ Sam Seder) that mentions the Wiki issue AND it includes a clip of Palin on FOX News insisting that she was right and explaining why:

I have no idea what it will take to make Caribou Barbie go away. I have no idea why some people are so stupid that they believe what she says. She could say the moon was made out of swiss cheese and people would believe her. Not only that but they would throw themselves on their own swords in defense of her idiot ramblings.

So the question today is this: “What can we as reasonable people do to combat this, aside from dumping her on a desert island?” Ideas anyone?

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  1. Everytime that woman opens her mouth I am embarassed to have a vagina.

    I dunno what the solution is but not voting for the daffy cow is a good prevention.

    Perhaps we should send her hunting with Dick Cheyney and we change his eyeglass prescription the night before.

    Maybe improve things by giving her a moose horn hat.

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