Angry Birds & Other PC Phenoms

So for today’s Monday Morning Funnies, I thought I would combine animals with computers. Hell, we all remember Pac-Man. Fine… SOME of us remember Pac-Man. What was Pac-Man anyway? A social rebellion against the yellow smiley face of the 1970’s. Was someone tired of being told “Have A Nice Day” via merchandise? Perhaps it was a parody of cheese gobbling up the ghostly masses or it was just the Japanese being bizarre again. Hell, they invented the baddest rubber monster ever to stomp Tokyo flat on a regular basis so I wouldn’t put it past them.

Now that we have moved gaming away from televisions and computers and onto mobile devices, a new sherif is in town. Angry Birds. Never heard of it? What, have you been living in a cave? Go to the iTunes store right now and download it. You can get a free version to try out though the regular version is not very pricy (I have two – the regular one and the Rio version). Besides the paid version has better graphics and more levels.

The point? Slingshot birds at obstacles where bulbous green pigs are hiding. Clear the level and move on. Though it’s not as easy as it sounds. Those pigs are crafty. You will need to use strategy and some geometry to hit the more elaborate structures right in order the kill those dastardly pigs!

Some people have taken their Angry Birds creativity to a new level. This person built a working replica of the game out of cake for their son’s birthday. I want one! You really need to see this.

Do you play? What is your favorite Angry Bird story? Strategy? Could you care less about slingshot flinging birds and round green pigs? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. I saw an interview with the “owner”, who is from Scandinavia, on 7Live. The company size is. . . wait for it. . . 3 people.

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