Finance Fridays – Don’t Wear A Mini Skirt To A Job Interview Unless…

You are interviewing for a man.

It’s sad but true. It’s amazing what men say in front of the “temporary help”. It’s a bit Victorian actually. You know? The time when rich people had fancy “below stairs” house servants they treated like furniture? If you were a maid you would turn and FACE THE WALL when the Lady of the House or the Master came by so they would not be discomforted by your very servile presence. Unless of course they wanted something. Orders issued such as “wash my clothes”, “clean out the fireplace” or “lick my knob”. The usual.

I thought we had grown beyond that. But, not so much. When “the Men In Charge” think no one is listening and they don’t really count temps as people, they say what they mean. It seems the rich and powerful want young, nubile, brainless bimbs with big boobs who are “hot”. It doesn’t matter if they are qualified. It doesn’t matter if they are a good employee. Over 30? Next. Do you weigh more than 125 pounds? Next. Do you lack the looks of a Hollywood star? Next.

Sure, it’s illegal but how are you going to prove it? We are always told to dress professionally to an interview but I have seen young, thin girls who wear a band-aid as a skirt get hired and after the interview the men were talking about the skirt. “Yeah, that’s hot. Hire her!” I was aghast.

At one point I was asked to interview candidates and give my opinion. The one I thought was perfect in temperament and job skills they didn’t want because she was “too fat”. The one they wanted had little experience in finance or marketing (the majority of her job duties) but she had tons of experience in giggling and stuffing boobs way too large and hard to naturally fit on her body, into a sweater two sizes too small.

Does it always happen this way? No. But it happens more than I am comfortable with. So what is a girl to do? I say keep standing up for high moral standards. Why? Because the brainless bimbs won’t keep these jobs long and sooner or later those men are going to figure out why. Besides I don’t think working for a place like that is such a great idea. I mean, who wants to work full-time for such morally bankrupt people.

Solution? Ask yourself what you love to do, what you do really well and focus on those things for permanent work. Temp work? Take whatever pays! It’s an old adage but a good one – it’s always easier to find work when you have work.

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