Forgive Me, The Dog Ate My Homework

I know, it’s Whack-A-Doodle Wednesday and I’m a hoser. I just started a new job (go me!) but my writing has suffered as I have been learning a new system. I’m also in Victorville today. Yes, Victorville. I’m teaching 7th graders about that serial wife murderer, King Henry the eighth. Good times! I have a really great blog idea but it will have to wait until next Wednesday. I promise I will write in the airport on my way home.

To tide you over here is a picture of Zacaton – the world’s deepest sink hole.

Why? Why not. Actually I was playing Scrabble…. sorry, “Words With Friends”, on my iphone and I played this for at least 45 points. I just want to show that this is indeed a real word. Though to be honest, I admit there are times when I’m goofing off and find out that my idiot word is actually a real one.

So now that I’ve put something here as a placeholder, I’m going to finish packing and try to get some writing done.

Who am I kidding? I’m going to watch the TiVo finale of Celebrity Apprentice and drink Hanger One Vodka shots. I really promise, no dog chewed papers next week.

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