Bathrooms Around The World – Pt. 2

Monday Morning Funnies continues with my examination of various bathrooms from all points of the globe. So let’s get started!
Pick your panties and you know where you can pee. But what if you’re a man who secretly (or openly) wears thongs? Does that mean you pee in the thong bathroom?

These doors are a bit confusing. According to the illustrations, they not only tell you where to go but how to go. I can’t speak for the men but I just can’t see the pelvic thrust thing working. I mean, men piddle all over the place even when they are trying to aim. As for the women, I have never in my entire life peed like this. Wait, I take it back. There was that one time in the Presidio in the tall grass but I can guarantee, you don’t pee in a forward stream like the illustration shows. You piss on your shoes, especially in that crouching tiger pose.

Now this is a bathroom sign I can get behind. Very simple but chic and modern. I also dig the fact that the blue metal chick has no waist.

You have to love the Europeans! The whimsy, the story, the art, the oddity of creepy fairy tales. So the wolf/bunny/dog must have been drinking a lot of water or beer because you need a great deal of pressure to create that kind of arch. However Red has my vote for freaky bathroom habits of the year. I will even ignore the need to relive yourself without removing your little red underthings but pissing straight backwards is a feat.

Now this one is my favorite. Just picture this… you are at a fabulous party, drinking one martini after the other. You feel amazing, almost like you are floating on air. You need to make a pit stop before you can get back to the party and have another drink. You open the bathroom door, step inside and look down. Yes, you are drunk and now about to plunge to your death… or are you? Yes, what brilliant, twisted genius came up with this painted floor?

Next Monday, we will finish up the bathroom art and congratulation on surviving the “End of the World” everyone!

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    The second one down is in Victoria, British Columbia…. we saw it last weekend when I was up there… will see if I got a picture of it and send it along.

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