Idiot Cultists Through HIstory

or “What are you doing on Sunday when all the whack jobs depart?”

I have lived through many “End of Days” scenarios, all the while mocking those who put stock in this idiocy. I was there for the great Harmonic Convergence of 1987. A few of my co-workers stayed home that day. What happened the next day? Nothing happened, nothing at all. Except me mocking them mercilessly.

The world was supposed to end on New Years Even when the calendar turned to the year 2000. All the computers were suppose to die. We would return to the stone age and dogs and cats would live together in harmony. I was the Y2K coordinator for a bank and a technology company. I set up their emergency plan and procedures. What happened when the clock struck twelve? Nothing.

Then people said the millennium was really 2001. Fine, so when the year turned from 2000 to 2001, what happened? Nothing.

I was there for that “All the planets are lining up in a straight line and we are all going to die” scenario of 2009. What happened? Nothing happened. No flooding, no frogs raining from the skies, no alien invasion. Nothing.

People have been predicting the return of Jesus, the arrival of aliens, the rise of Chthulu for ages. What do I think will happen on Saturday? Nothing. What I want to know is what this whack-a-doodle nut job, who has been putting up billboards all over town promising the end of the world, is going to do on Sunday?

I guess he can say “Ooops, sorry.” but he has used that excuse before the last time he predicted the end of the world a few years back. Now, head cases the world over are going to expect “the rapture” come Saturday and will be very disappointed come Sunday.
They are going to expect to be whisked off to heaven by magic to live with Jesus. Honestly, who wants to hang out with these people? No one, Supreme Being or not.

I don’t know about you but I’m going to spend a relaxing day at home on Saturday and will have a nice brunch on Sunday. If the idiots get raptured up to the Mothership, I will celebrate since there will be less idiots in the world. If nothing happens, then I will mock them… again however that is starting to get old. Perhaps I will just enjoy myself and let them deal with the dark ages superstition of their life. So very sad.

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  1. I will be at work on Saturday and Sunday. If any apocalypse happens, I’ll let you know.

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