Bathrooms Around The World – Pt 1

Today for the Monday Morning Funnies, I wanted to take a look at toilets from around the world. It’s amazing how clever people can be when marking bathrooms. Now this unisex sign does get the urgency of the task across.

Here is a clever example of anatomical rope use.

I suppose in this country, it’s perfectly acceptable for men to peep on women while they pee. I think if that is the case, the women should charge extra or at least get heavy items to chuck at the mens heads.

I like this sign personally. It reminds me of various parties I’ve been too.

Now for the grand finale. This is a woman entering a public toilet in Houston, TX.

And here is what the toilet looks like from the inside. Yes, it’s two-way glass. You can pee or read a magazine while you watch the mass of humanity outside but they can not see you. Perhaps this will satisfy the urges for the exhibitionist Texan bathroom goers. Personally, this would freak me out.

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  1. I am so upset you didn’t include the Squat toilet. I used on in the ultra-modern Tokyo Airport and several throughout Thailand. The ones in Thailand are flushed by scooping water from a cistern and pouring it into the hole in the ground that is the squat toilet. The one in Tokyo looked like a urinal recessed into the floor.

    I have pics if ya wants ’em….

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