Good Friday… Or Is It?

“I won’t say that all senior citizens that can’t master technology should be publicly flogged but if we made an example of one or two it might give the others incentive to try harder.” – Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory

Ah yes, I can relate. I saw a senior trying to put a credit card into the CD slot of a laptop and as illustrated in the TV episode, just not getting the concept that the touch pad IS the mouse. Yes, this blog is late. I have a few excuses, not that they really matter. The past few days have been filled with a great many things involving money (which is good), things involving traveling (which takes up time and costs money), games on the PS2 & DS as well as some very Angry Birds in Rio (which is bad) and a very needy kitten.

Suffice it to say I have many ideas, not a lot of time to write them down while making notes for my second humor book “I’m Bitchy Because I’m Starving” and working to get the two Disney guide books out on Amazon. How is a girl suppose to take a breather? Especially since this is a special day to many people. Actually millions of people will spend way too much time contemplating how a mob nailed my fiance to a cross over 2,000 years ago. I’ve never been much into venerating torture devices, death or torturous death.

I know, I know, Jesus died for our sins. You don’t have to tell me. He’s been telling me himself all day today until I distracted him with some Vosges bacon/caramel eggs and Doctor Who on Tivo. He would like to point out with all that sacrificing and blood and pain and dying that perhaps humanity could be a bit more appreciative and evolved two thousand years later. I told him not to hold his breath. He then proceeded to pull a bunny out of thin air, tossed it at me and went back to eating candy. If that has significance, I’m still trying to figure it out though sometimes the Big JC is just random and goofy like that.

I would say regardless of your religious or non-religious beliefs, it would be nice to just consider doing some decent things for your fellow beings this weekend. Don’t wallow in the dogma and the death cult icons, just be better people. One of my friends is in Japan right now helping to rescue animals from the shadow of a nuclear plant that is getting ready to melt its way to England about now. I’m sure there are little things you can do even if it’s to refrain from flipping off the jackwagon who cut you off on the freeway. It would be nice if we humans were a bit more evolved than two thousand years ago.

At least I’m really hoping so.

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