Jon Stewart Is My New God

Today for the Monday Morning Funny – I wanted to write about the idiotic attack on a J. Crew ad showing a mother and her son having fun. That fun just happens to include the little boy wearing bright pink toenail polish. I have no idea why some people think this is such a huge issue. Do they think a boy wearing pink nail polish will automatically turn him gay or transgendered or into RuPaul? Really? REALLY? These people have nothing better to complain about?

Honestly who cares if a little boy wants to wear dresses or nail polish or play with dolls? Who cares if a little girl wants to climb trees and play sports and “gasp” do math?! Oh no, that might mean those little boys will turn into sissy girlie men who actually love women and those girls will turn into the most unnatural of creatures, an intelligent human being who is capable of rescuing herself while making household repairs! The horror!

So rather than give you a run down of this idiotic claim, I turn it over to Jon Stewart, who outlines is in the best way possible.—this-little-piggy-went-to-hell

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