Monday Morning Funny – When Squirrels Attack

Just to prove that squirrels are evil –
After a weekend of spotting at least five squirrels who were following me, I decided we need to start our mornings off with a bit of education as to why squirrels are evil. (These are all work safe)

Debbi Lynn Salmonsen completely gets it. Her catchy song, “Squirrels Are Evil”, sung in her clear voice with a folk bent is a ballad for our time.

The original “Dramatic Squirrel Look” says it all. I know it’s really a gopher or a prairie dog but it’s the point that matters:

And my favorite, a cop needs to pepper spray a rampaging squirrel. Too bad these kids have no idea the danger they are in. I need to send this brave officer a muffin basket for doing his duty.

And for all the cry-babies out there, yes the squirrel lived! In fact the kid that uploaded this video spelled macing as masing. Yeah, let’s here it for the great education system!

This guy completely understands the situation:

Double muffin basket for him and love the Mike Tee Vee glasses!

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