Where Are The Nooclear Whessles? A Journey To St. George Spirits at Hanger One

There is a magical place on the island of Alameda. The 1980’s are long gone along with Star Trek 4, Chekov and the nuclear vessels. Something new has moved into the old Firebird hanger on the now rotting military base. It is the home of St. George spirits, their fruit-infused Hanger One Vodka and the first absinthe to be made in this country.

I’ve lived in the Bay Area for years and I’ve never been here before. It is one of the hidden gems of the East Bay. I highly recommend you come on a weekend and take the tour before the tasting. It is incredibly informative, hilariously funny and best of all it features monkeys and a giant shark. I’m not lying, you need to see for yourself.

St. George was the first place to start making absinthe in this country now that the green fairy is legal. As a person who would acquire French absinthe before the ban was lifted, I can tell you ours is superior. The blend of spices with the anise and wormwood notes are stellar but that isn’t all the magic that happens in Hanger One. The star is the best fruit-infused vodka you will ever taste. Sure, it’s more expensive, but it’s made with real fruit. Most “fruit” vodkas are not. This is the first vodka I’ve tasted that I enjoy drinking straight. It doesn’t taste like turpentine.

The Kaffir Lime Vodka tastes like a lime Otter Pop, I shit you not. The Buddha’s Hand citrus vodka would make an amazing lemon drop. No mix, just the vodka and a sugar rim. They also have spiced pear, mandarin blossom and straight vodka made from grapes. I swear, each was better than the last. Each was so fantastic I wish I had The Donald’s credit card so I could get a case of each kind they made. It is that good. I must admit the chipotle vodka was too spicy for my white girl taste buds but would make an amazing Bloody Mary. They also had a coffee liquor that is killer.

The tastings are just $15 for at least 10 different items. An amazing bargain and the tour is free. You should make a note that the tour is only available on the weekends and you should make reservations if you have a party of 5 or more. Honestly, do this, you will be so glad you did. http://www.hangerone.com

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