Fashion Disasters

Today for Whack-A-Doodle Wednesday I want to show you a few fashion disasters new and old. When awards show season rolls around, there are always a parade of bizarre items to choose from.

One of my favorites was Bjork’s swan dress:

While she is a fashion flop, you have to admire the balls it takes to wear a giant bird as a dress with a straight face.

This Oscar fashion disaster gave me bad dreams.

No wonder Daniel Day Lewis looks old when he has this example of “What Not To Do” on his arm.

Now there are the crafty people. No, I’m not talking about Pagans or people who can figure out word puzzles. I’m talking about people who crochet and have way too much time on their hands.

Yeah. Did you know you can wear this to the playground, the park or the grocery store and not be arrested? Yuppers because your junk is made out of yarn so you can perv it up in the Barbie aisle of the toy store. Great. I can understand someone making crocheted junk just to see if you can but what possesses someone to wear this in public? Yeah.

Now we have all seen the People of WalMart pictures. All I will say is THIS is why I am scared and freaked out by clowns:

Nuff said. Now can everyone please remember to put on pants, at the very least, before you leave the house.

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