Monday Morning Funny – KISS and Computers

Now I know when I was young, fundies were telling us that KISS stood for Kings In Satan’s Service. They believed listening to KISS would turn you into a demonic degenerate. I guess that’s why my generation is screwed. We didn’t have a personal computer to save us. There weren’t any personal computers at all when I was in school. We all sold our souls to the devil, started wearing polyester, permed our hair and lost our minds. Thank the Gods kids nowadays can be saved the life of tongue-wagging, pantyhose wearing, Hell. Get on those computers kids! It will save your soul.

Funny thing though, I guess the people who don’t like KISS have never seen some of the games they have now. Hell, even KISS has a computer game – KISS Psycho Circus. I guess that personal computer isn’t going to save your soul and keep your sons from cross dressing after all.

Well, if you can’t beat them, join them!

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