Monday Morning Funny – Squirrels

I think I’ve seen most squirrel pics from the internet but here are a few I haven’t seen yet:

This one makes my cat Alia very happy:

I’m not sure I can even find a place where squirrels aren’t stalking me. Whether I’m in another city, a metropolitan area, a rural area, a park, an alley, an animated game in the middle of the snow! Who knew that “Winter Snow Squirrels” populated the upper reaches of the Trollshaws? Yup, you can’t go into any zone of Lord of the Rings On-line without finding squirrels. I have a feeling I will be haunted by the smartly dressed rodents for the rest of my life.

So to wrap things up here is the tale of a squirrel who ran afoul of a biker and the biker lost. This story from 2005 at least but it still makes me cry tears of laughter. This is more proof that squirrels are evil:

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