The Newest Financial Adventure of “The Hedgehog”

I was going to save this for Whack-A-Doodle Wednesday but I just couldn’t wait. First off, this is not about those cute little critters that totter around your garden. Nope, I am talking about the King of Porn – Ron Jeremy. If you are confused about the nickname, I’m not going to explain it to you. Go watch one of his… 2,000 skin flicks.

Anyway, this isn’t about porn or Ron Jeremy’s jimmy or a new sexbot some geek invented in their basement. Nope, it’s about booze. It seems Ron Jeremy has his own rum now. I shit you not: It’s called “Ron de Jeremy – the Adult Rum”. You can order it on-line! Yes! You too can own your own numbered, limited edition bottle of Ron de Jeremy. I am really tempted. It’s a little like Billy Beer only classier… sort of.

Is this what all the porn stars are drinking? Are they pouring this at AdultCon in Los Angeles this year? Am I weird that I’m kinda wondering what this rum tastes like? I figure if anything, a bottle of Ron de Jeremy would be an interesting conversation piece. I’ll let you know if he shows up for a bottle signing at a BevMo near me. That would be one thing I would have to see!

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  1. Tonks (via Mom-Monkee)

    Auntie Dre, Mom-Monkee sayz it soundz good! And if she hadz monee she’d get some RUMZ!!! And den you’d haz to come find her for tastezzz!!!

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