Spring Into Fall Couture Fashion Show Review – Just Fab

This past Friday I was lucky enough to be a guest at the Spring Into Fall Couture Fashion Show, held at the amazing Bentley Reserve on Battery in The City. I snagged ringside seats along the runway and enjoyed the amazing show.

When we arrived, we walked the red carpet and were greeted by helpful volunteers who directed us to the bar which is always my friend. Even more so this evening when low calorie Cosmos and Lemon Drops were available by Slim Bob Skinny Chicks. I’m a whore for free booze and when it’s low cal, all the better!

Before the show, you could check out some of the designers ready-to-wear fashions (available for immediate purchase) as well. Who were the designers?
Amber Marie Bently
Dark Garden Unique Corsetry
Gelareh Alam
Kailia Footwear
Dollymop Designs
Miss G Designs
Rebecca Bruce
Sara Shepherd
Sequoia & Gita

So where is “the dish”? It’s coming! I was drawn into the room by the most amazing jacket I have ever seen! It was made by Sequoia & Gita, was darling and very affordable at $160. It was a green keyhole jacket – http://www.shop.sandgclothing.com/product.sc?productId=29&categoryId=3 and I figured if I got a job, I was sooo buying this.

Next we stopped by Rebecca Bruce’s table. My friend Carol Wood, an amazing seamstress/designer herself, had draped Miss Bruce’s collection for this evenings show. Rebecca had bookmarks with sketches of all of the looks she was showing that night. One caught my eye immediately. It was an all green number that would look stunning on me called Release. Carol’s mother told me that a patchwork dress titled Boundaries was suppose to be the star of the collection. Looking at the sketch it didn’t really speak to me but you can never tell just from a drawing what the dress is going to look like.

After checking out the various fashion successes and failures the guests were wearing. (Note to the ladies: NEVER wear a severe, plunging neckline dress when your breasts are flat. Not small, flat. You know what I mean. Those puppies are not shown to their best advantage when I see that.) Tiffany Blue tickets in hand, we headed to our front row seat assignments. There is just something fabulous about sipping a Cosmo, watching a fashion show and finding a gift bag on your chair. It makes my heart go pitter pat.

Once the show started, I was in heaven. Autumn showed first. It is rough to start the show but Autumns corset collection, as always, was creative and stunning. To me the only hitch was one of the models. I found out later it wasn’t Autumn’s decision to use her so I really felt for her. Why? The model was too skinny! She was showing a white swim suit corset with a detachable tulle skirt. It was a lovely ensemble but the model had no figure at all. Less than A cup boobs and no ass to speak of. She would have looked great in a flapper dress but a corset needs curves, some curves, any curves. That is the point of a corset – CURVES. You might as well have put the outfit on a ten-year old boy. It was sad. Even with this small blip, her collection itself was hot, strong and an incredible start to the show.

When Rebecca Bruce’s collection hit the runway, I was transported. The looks were so much better than the sketches. It surprised me because the all green dress on the bookmark I fell in love with just wasn’t what I thought it was. It was a bit more airy for my taste and younger in styling. I realize the bookmark said there were blues and purples in it but the all-deep green picture is what I fell in love with so I was a bit disappointed.

However the patchwork dress that I was unimpressed with on the bookmark was amazing. It was the star of the entire show.

This dress was amazing! The color, the details, the feathers, the metal chain, all worked together perfectly. If I had a spare 21k lying around I would so buy this dress. It would look awesome on me. The styling, detail and wearability of her collection was just impressive. I enjoyed all of her looks and would urge people to check her out – http://www.RebeccaBruce.com

The show was great fun and I enjoyed myself immensely. It was wonderful to see all the creativity out there in the community. The show was also selling items in the lobby with proceeds going to the Coral Reef Alliance, a very worthy charity working to preserve coral reefs around the world.

In the cold light of day, I did find something that would have made me ten shades of puce if I was the organizer. The program that described the fashions we were seeing was full of typos. FULL! I tossed it across the room in a fit of red penned disgust. Ummmm, did you hire a public school third grader to write the copy? I would gladly volunteer my time for next years show to copy edit your program before you print it in exchange for clothes. Just sayin’.

I was still obsessed with the cute green keyhole jacket I saw from Sequoia & Gita. I decided to look it up on their website. I found it and my heart sank. Why? Look at the sizes! In what universe is a Large an 8-10? No sizes larger? While my waist is smaller, I will never fit into a jacket that fits an 8-10 dress size. My waist is a smidge too large and so are my boobs. I was crushed and felt fat. Then I felt pissed off. The audience at the show was varied. Not all the women there were tiny or very thin. In fact, the majority of women fell in the size 8-16 range depending on how you size or cut the clothes. There were larger gals there as well. The majority of the attendees (with money to spend on the clothes you were selling) couldn’t buy them because they were too small. Just saying.

Best bets for the ready-to-wear were Autumn’s Dark Garden corsets and hats by Dollymop. Sad. I would have rocked that jacket. I guess I will just have to work hard and get that Rebecca Bruce gown. She could make that fit!

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  1. Thank you for the great article, apologies on the typos! We had a designer emergency at last minute, and every program had to be hand redone around 4pm that day… you can imagine that was quite a hustle for my junior designers:). Regardless, I’ve yet to have a look at it, I’ll take a peek now and talk with the team.

    • Thanks Brady. It was a great show and I loved the Red Carpet segment KRON 4 did on Sunday. I just wish they would have done a piece prior to the show so we could get more people notified of the great design talent going on in the Bay Area.

  2. I was at the fashion show. I read your comment on the model who was “too skinny”. Then I read on where you were upset a jacket wasn’t sold in your size. Maybe EVERYONE needs to remember bodies come in ALL shapes and sizes. Flat, flabby, skinny, full busted. I for one am thankful they had a “skinny” model with “less than A cup boobs” and “no ass to speak of” because that is also my size! She certainly had a lot of cheering if memory serves me right. I thought all the models looked outstanding.

    • That is true Kim. I use to be a size zero. I am now a size 10-14 depending on how they cut the clothes. The issue is the fashion industry does not, as a whole, depict models larger than a size 4. The majority of American women are far larger than that. A models primary job is to sell clothes. As a designer, I want my clothes shown to their best advantage so people will purchase them. While a model of her body type is perfect for many styles of clothes such as a flapper style or an empire waist, a corset’s primary job is to be figure altering. It is meant to give curves. It is best shown to advantage on a model with curves. The fact that the models were all attractive was not the point. Of course they are attractive, they are there to sell clothes. Yes, bodies do come in all sizes and you would have been able to fit into the vast majority of items they were showing or selling including some of the cute vintage things. However, that was not the case for a fair number of attendees with disposable income and since we are talking about ALL shapes and sizes, as you pointed out, then we should take all shapes and sizes into account. Thanks!

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