In Pursuit Of “The Weird”

Happy Monday Everyone! Fine, I’m sure it’s not so very happy for some. I would gamble that most of us either (a) don’t want to go back to work, (b) are reminded we need to find work, (c) are nursing the ill-effects of nearly 60 hours of drunken debauchery or various combinations of these things.

I am just trying to navigate the highways and biways of Interstate 5, which in California we just call I-5 for short even though this stretch of asphalt is very long. Between the Los Angeles Basin and the Bay Area lies what I have been told is “The Weird”.

Granted, it’s Sunday when I am typing this, trying to wrap my head around awaking from “Midnight Manhattan Madness” but that is another story for another time.

Today I want to introduce you to another blog that I read every day and one I highly recommend. It will add to your many Mondays to come.

Kathleen, Kage and the Company I have known Kathleen & Kage since 1989. They were fixtures on the edges of my theatrical world for many, many years. They ran The Green Man Inn at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire when I was a monkey actor doing Shakespeare shows. I didn’t know them well but I knew them. Hell, everyone knew them. Kathleen always had a parrot on her shoulder. Kage was always patrician and refined. They gave us lemonaide during the day and hosted Morris Ales at night. We were terrified to enter the Innyard without a hat for fear of evoking their maternal wrath. We were elated when Kathleen gave us permission to enter the yard wearing just wreaths when we were in our fairy costumes from Midsummer Nights Dream. She figured we were playing Elizabethan villagers dressed in costumes and those costumes didn’t include hats so were given special dispansation for as long as we were performing our Shakespeare show. That was one of the best things we heard. It made us giggle and feel naughty, like we were getting away with a crime.

Kage went on to write Science Fiction books. When her first novel, In The Garden Of Iden came out, I bought it and enjoyed it even though Science Fiction was never my thing. The years rolled on, things changed, Kathleen & Kage started working other events that I didn’t attend and life sped by. Then the brakes came on. Last year Kage Baker lost her battle with cancer. I realized I am starting to reach an age where people I know have started shuffling off this mortal coil and heading back home. At times it really pisses me off. It makes me feel a little more alone in the world and I don’t like that feeling.

Well Kathleen started this amazing blog after Kage passed. I started reading it and was delighted. I had no idea Kathleen also wrote and she’s wonderful at it. Through these posts I learned more about Kage and Kathleen and their lives. I reconnected with Kathleen via a writers group and have gotten to know her better which has been wonderful. I have also been exposed to her stories of I-5 and “The Weird”. Here are just two of her posts that explain about “The Weird” and I-5.

I find I am more aware on that stretch of road. I find myself looking for some of the things Kathleen has mentioned. I know I miss so many things since I’m driving and not a passenger like Kage was but it still brings me a heightened sense of awareness. The strange lights in the middle of nowhere still freak me out. I must admit on my way down to LA on Friday, I found myself staring out towards the mountains during the light of day, trying to figure out what was making those fairy cities come to life.

I still haven’t figured it out. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll have the answer… or not.

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  1. I started reading my first Kage Baker book, The Empress of Mars, a couple of nights ago. I found a copy in my local library. I am now immersed in her world and work, and look forward to reading as man of her earlier works as I can.

    PS: Dublin City is the European capital of Weird. Trust me, I’m weirder than anyone I know.

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