The Amazing World Of Icebergs & San Francisco Snow

No, not in San Francisco Bay or even off the large expanses of tawny Newport sand, these are from Michigan. Yeah, Lake Michigan. As in Green Bay Packers, cheese heads, won the Super Bowl, Michigan. Stupid Michigan. Anyway, it seems there are icebergs in Lake Michigan. It’s THAT cold up there. Not only are there icebergs but some of the coolest looking icebergs I’ve ever seen. So I figured I would share before I went back to setting up my writing/publishing business and trying to discover new ways to get Alan Rickman to marry me but that’s another story.

I’ve seen Lake Michigan. It looks like the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of San Francisco, on a lowering day. Yeah, I know it’s a lake but from the shore it looks like an ocean, it’s that big. It’s cold, it’s dangerous and I wouldn’t want to have to ply its waters on a regular basis. But did it get cold enough for icebergs? I mean, icebergs have to break off from a huge chunk of ice somewhere.

Well, the reports of the amazing striped icebergs are true:

The only problem is, they aren’t in Lake Michigan or anywhere near Lake Michigan. In fact these natural beauties were found and photographed by Oyvind Tangen, a Norwegian sailor while on a research ship 660 miles north of the Antarctic a few years ago. That doesn’t make them less impressive but makes me think that some people will believe anything if it’s sent to you in an email.

So I say disregard the Michigan angle and enjoy these amazing images for what they are. Artistic works of nature, water and sediment, just waiting to be admired for their crystalline beauty.

This is what Lake Michigan does look like in the winter during a freeze:

Still very pretty but not the impressive colors of the icebergs. So as you start your day, remember there are natural examples of beauty out there for us to enjoy if we just look for them. Try not to litter or spill oil on the ice.

By the way, my mother just called. She asked “how’s the snow?” What snow? She informed me it snowed in San Francisco last night for the first time in forever. Ummm, I’m looking across the bay right now and I don’t see snow. If there was snow, it couldn’t have been measurable snow. I mean, I’m right across the bay. There is a park outside my window and a marina. I don’t see snow. Hell, I didn’t even see frost this morning. I guess I’ll have to find out if there was snow now. This day is getting stranger and stranger.

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  1. *jaw drops*

    incredible beauty but it makes me cold….

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