Trapped in the Movies

You heard me. It’s a rainy day and what says “rainy day activity” better than the movies. The movies have changed a great deal in the past decade. What use to be an affordable date is now an undertaking worthy of a small theme park. Not Disneyland or even Knotts Berry Farm but perhaps Pharoah’s Kingdom or Raging Waters. The prices are through the roof, even for matinees, and the food is out of control.

Five dollars for a small popcorn? Really? I think popcorn is $10 a silo and you want to change me $5 for a small one, $5 for a regular (read Large) drink and $6 for a box of candy. That’s $16 on a snack plus the $12 admission makes $28 just to see a film that might not even be that good. $28 for two hours of entertainment or painful boredom. Sometimes you even have to pay for parking. Now double this if you are on a date. $56! Let’s just call it $60 once you add in parking or gas.

I don’t have $28 to blow on the movies so I went to a matinee, spent $7, didn’t buy any drinks or popcorn or candy. I did smuggle a few bags of Southwest peanuts, a bag of Terra Blue chips from JetBlue and a small bottle of crystal geyser in my purse. There are hardly any people because they are home watching movies in streaming HD video on their big, flat screen TV’s.

So I settle down and what comes on the screen? Previews of coming attractions? Nope. Commercials. I am trapped in the movie theatre by commercials. I thought that was one of the reasons we went to the movies was to get away from commercials. I guess they figured while you are waiting for the movie to start, watching commercials will help alleviate the boredom but all it does is melt your brain.

So I watch stupid quizzes and what’s going to be on some kids channel when a car commercial comes on. It’s for a GMC hybrid car. Everyone is on the beach, splashing around. I have no idea what this has to do with cars but at least it’s not a bunch of hamsters. The I notice something, no one is bigger than a size 6. I know, I know, welcome to the world but what is GMC saying? Are they trying to make us feel like pigs or are they telling us our asses are too huge to fit in a hybrid so don’t buy one? Hmmm, that’s a good message when you are trying to SELL CARS!

I have no idea why I need to be trapped in a theatre, paid for the privilege, and then have commercials shown to me. I think staying home and watching Netflix is getting better and better all the time.

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  1. when commercials first started showing up as previews, the audience would BOOOOOO!!! loudly. Unfortunately it didn’t work. I talk louder during the commercials. Wish they would bring back Bugs Bunny cartoons… or Animaniacs…. or hey! How about news reels about foreign events?

    • I hear ya Cat. Something else I noticed are the people who shush you during the commericals! The commercials for Christ Sake! They want to watch the dancing hamsters and why am I talking or checking Facebook on my phone and distracting them from hip hop hamster madness? *sigh*

  2. Oh, I understand the commercials at the movies thing but there are some movies that are just better on the big screen. Now I only go to two movies on average per year because of the cost but I DID go see Burlesque twice because I loved the musical numbers and I think Cher KICKS in that movie.

    Fortunately for us our children give us movie cards for presents and we get other ones through so we cut the cost of our two movies, plus the occasional snacks so that we CAN afford to go and enjoy the BIG screen.



    • Exactly Ardee-ann. My friend the Grumpy Critic made the point about only going to movie houses were he could get points via a club or membership to make it worth it. Once more people get streaming video, they are going to have to think of a way to make this more attractive or movie houses will go the way of the drive-in.

  3. No, see, they want you to think “If I buy that car, it will shrink my butt and make me a size 6.” Mostly they just want you to remember the car as associated with pretty pleasant people, which of course, you are yourself, so you should have this car. You’re way over thinking this. 🙂

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