You Go Jerry!

Governor Brown has taken away State workers cell phones and I say about frackin time. Brown ordered Department heads to return half of the 96,000 State issued cell phones. Brown has turned his in as well. This will save the State $20 million a year. A drop in the bucket to our 25 BILLION dollar shortfall but it’s a pretty good drop and it’s a start.

In light of this, I thought I would remind people of one obvious thing that some seem to forget. Just remember people, money isn’t free. It doesn’t grow on trees and thinking otherwise is just deluding yourself. Sure, we all remember the boom. I was working at AOL and it was great! I loved working there! I mourn the loss of my lifestyle ever since everything went bust. I want my life back but guess what? If wishes were horses beggars would ride and I sure as hell don’t see a horse in my driveway. We all thought puppies and kittens were raining from the skies, the streets were paved with gold and all the toilets smelled like Christmas. I guess not so much anymore.

How does this relate to Jerry and the cell phones? As citizens we need to understand there is no free lunch. This situation has been coming on like a run away train for a LONG, LONG time. There are two ways we (the citizens) are directly responsible for this mess. First, for re-electing people who spend recklessly and waste our money. This isn’t all politicians. There are some good ones in there. I know, hard to believe but it’s true. The asshats? WE kept sending them back.

Secondly, WE voted on and passed so many Propositions that amended the way our money was spent so it gave lawmakers very little wiggle room. Sure, it looks good on paper. Yeah, I’ll vote for a tax that required that money to be spent for schools or parks or roads or whatever. Here is the problem. Those add up. The budget is a pie and right now the majority of that pie is already spoken for. Now everyone has to haggle over what’s left to try and balance a billion dollar plus budget shortfall. So where do you get the money? You can’t raise property taxes to current market levels because that’s locked down so I guess it’s increase school tuition or eliminate programs to help battered women or the blind. It sucks.

Here is the bottom line – MONEY ISN’T FREE! Remember that the next time you vote for something. Be proactive. There is a lot of fat that can be trimmed from government, SUPPORT the people that agree with this. The cell phones are a good start. Make an effort to be informed, to be involved and to let your representatives know what YOU want. They are working for you. Since we are all going to be taking big bites of the shit sandwich that is the California financial situation, make them earn their money.

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  1. Pretty much says it all.. the cell phones are a waste, especially if they are mostly in an office and we are paying for the phone lines at thier desks…. and most of the land line rates now include free long distance… which you pay for, and to pay for that and not use it…. more waste!

  2. I was working at AOL and it was great! We all thought puppies and kittens were raining from
    the skies, the streets were paved with gold and all the toilets smelled like Christmas.

    See there’s the problem with AOL…. you were too busy smelling the toilets instead of doing work.

  3. He Dre, you just said what I’ve been thinking. I’m seeing lots of FB posts where people are complaining about what is being cut, but the bottom line is the state is almost bankrupt and there won’t be bail out funds from the feds because that budget is a mess too. Cell phones are at least a start….

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