Lock Your Doors! Animals Are Criminals!

So today for Whack-A-Doodle Wednesday, I thought I would tackle a serious social issue, the criminal actions of our pets. I can hear it now, pets aren’t criminals! Only human beings think like that. I’m not so sure. What put me down this path? Well, one of the ladies in my writing group mentioned that her Corgi steals food. Now I knew a Corgi when I was young. His name was Sam and he was a fantastic dog. Scary smart, just brilliant but I never heard of any food issues he may have had. I thought perhaps this was an isolated incident. I mean this lady does have a parrot as well and maybe the bird is just making the dog look bad. It happens.

So in the search for truth, I head to the Font of All Things True, the internet. Stop laughing. I did a Google search on “food stealing Corgis” and got 1,450,000 hits. Damn. I guess there are over a million larcenous Corgis out there, at least! I decided to do some research on the subject.

Susan Strickland from Golden Gate Corgis writes “Yes, Corgis are always hungry. You could never feed them enough to curb their unstoppable desire for more food. I can relate to their problem, but unlike people, dogs can’t open the refrigerator, raid the cupboards, run down to McDonald’s, or make up their own meals. So it should be relatively easy to put a Corgi on a diet that will keep him at a perfect weight.

Unfortunately, many people who have Corgis as pets seem to be taken in by the pleading looks, and plaintive complaints of starvation coming from their very dramatic and manipulative little dogs. Corgis are experts at getting what they want. Their expressive faces, and artful begging, can make you feel terribly guilty for not giving them just a tiny bit more.”

For the rest of her article: http://www.goldengatecorgis.org/articles/ss-feeding.htm

I’ve had first hand experience with those pleading looks. Those dogs can charm the pants off a nun, if nuns wore pants. Maybe there is some truth to this story, though I didn’t want to let go of the picture of “parrot as the evil mastermind”. Hey I didn’t even think dogs and parrots could get along but here is another Corgi parrot household that proves me wrong: http://sansanparrots.com/wp/?p=498

Just to prove my point, here is a video of a variety of animals caught in the act of larceny so I guess it isn’t just Corgis stealing food. Note that the most daring heist at the end was pulled off by, yes…. a squirrel.

The moral of this story. If you have pets, keep an eye on your food. You never know what’s happening when you’re at work. I would invest in a nannycam if I were you.

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  1. Not just your food you have to watch out for… this sneaky thief took (and then ate or buried) almost $1000.


    Bad doggie… unless of course he buries it in my yard and I find it.

  2. One Friday afternoon a five pound roast was absconded with from my kitchen by momma Racoon. She left ONE greasy footprint as evidence. ‘Had to explain to my reenactment group that Saturday why we were eating coldcuts instead of roast. I saw her and her five kids the following week.

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