Lady GaGa: Satan’s Bitch or Fashionista?

So today for Whack-A-Doodle Wednesday, I was lurking around Christian Chat Rooms (so you don’t have to) and I found this post, telling people that Lady GaGa was a Satan Worshipper and her video “Bad Romance” proved it.

“Greetings all,
Recently I viewed a very interesting video on Lady Gaga. Like most of you I was impressed with the sound of her music, and – while knowing that she is a heathen – I still am shocked to find out how blatantly satanic this woman’s act is. Her videos don’t even try to hide it.

Clearly we can tell that the end is not far away, especially when we see the boldness of satanic influence being peddled before us.

Here is an excellent film that shows the video “Bad Romance” in detail, describing the satanic behavior occurring in the video. Basically, Lady Gaga is giving herself over to satan to be possessed by him. This theme is actually occurring with increasing frequency in videos from other artists as well.

There is more material I would like to present but this is enough for an initial post. Please watch the video and post your opinions below.”

Now I happened to watch all five minutes of the Bad Romance video as I was looking for songs to use in a video project.  I fail to see how women dancing around in  faceless, white latex Bart Simpson costumes, Lady Gaga wearing a chain mail hankie top or a pseudo bondage outfit is specifically Satanic.  Does Satan have the market cornered now on latex or bizarre fish costumes with 8 inch pumps?

Now I must say there was a polite bit of Satanic bitch slapping going on after the original poster uploaded the link to this very dangerous video.  (Note: the quote is lifted intact from the website.) Dan writes,
“If you watch that junk you open yourself up to be attached. As christians were sapposed to refrain from these things, not to go looking for a way to let Satan find a place to walk in. Nobody is without flaws, why would you want to give him the slightest chance. Look at how many strong christians in the past have done just that. We’re called not to be part of this world, but if you straddle the fence, you open to many doors. If you know that she’s under satanic influences why would you give her any credence.We either walk in Christ’s light or we don’t. In Christ love’ I just want to remind you of this.”

Good point Dan!  I mean you should never look at anything people tell you might be subversive or Satanic.  EVER!  THAT is how the devil steals your mind and makes you into The Artist Currently Again Known As Prince.

Now for the sake of fairness and to show you that there are some sane people on this board, I bring you this quote.  Dread Zepplin at least has the sense to make his points logically.

“I just watched the video with the commentary.  Let me first say yes, this video is very disturbing and has clear satanic themes. Now, with that said, the video with the commentary was making some pretty far assumptions about the symbolism of the video. Where he was dead on on a couple I had to laugh out loud by some of the associations he made. For instance: 

– when he says wearing sunglasses means shes hiding something and her leg up is strong sexuality. Really? because sunglasses were a sign of being “bad” (which she was portraying) and a leg up is…just a leg being up. Same could be said of Captain Morgan, but he’s not really that sexy.
– We he claims that when she’s being auctioned that its really her soul. No, when you sell a woman at an auction its for sex, which clearly happened at the end of the video. This is as equally disturbing as his assumption.
– When he states that she is crying out for Gods help. I really doubt they had God in mind at all creating this.
– jewls raining down on her…doesn’t mean satan. It just looks like a cool effect.

Lady Gaga is like Marilyn Manson in the sense that she’s a “shock” rocker. Thats why she wears the outfits she does- it’s made her famous. The problem is that each one she wears has to get more and more and more outrageous than the first, to the point of tastelessness. She’s definately a product of the world. Gross.”

WastingTheDawn seems to understand this bizarre latex, alien video the best of all of his Christian fellows on this board. “I think this is a basic secular over-sexed pop video … the over-sexing is really negative but to make devil-worship out of this is quite awkward?”

Thank you WastingTheDawn.  I had no idea who this Lady GaGa person was until recently.  Actually I didn’t get a good handle on her or her fashion sense until I saw her music showcased on Glee.  She has a good voice, engaging lyrics and the fashion sense of Bjork on steroids.  That’s her hook and ticket to fame.  Cool, whatever.  It seems the people complaining about her Satan’s Bitch status are the same people who insist that KISS stands for Kings In Satan’s Service.  I know better.  KISS really stands for Kids In Silly String, I mean really!

Just be thankful the rest of us live relatively boring lives and be thankful I didn’t post the column I was starting to write, “When Silicon Attacks” about a guy who shot silicon into his junk every day for 8 years until it is now the size of an 8 month old infant.  Yeah, that would have curdled your morning coffee and you’re welcome.

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  1. She’s a Shock Rocker and her videos are oversexed. You hit the nail on the head Dre, as usual.

    I have Teenagers … lucky me … so I have been aware of her for quite a while. She talks about her ‘art’. Her music is art and a lot of art is, well, strange. She’s strange. See? It all fits.

    I watched the breakdown video you posted, then the video itself without the annoying stoppages. Diamond effect is damn cool. The fashion stuff is just that artsy crap that those crazy designers try to pass off as ‘fashion’. Ridiculous. Could you imagine walking in those shoes for real and more than a few minutes?! Pfft.

    For some, religion seems to have become a hobby and in this jobless market, they are sitting at home on the internet watching music videos trying to make something out of just nothing really at all.

    I like her sound, she’s mostly pretty. The big eye thing freaks me the hell out. I wont be going to any of her concerts. Yep. That pretty much sums it up.

    Another thumbs up post by you. Good job!

  2. Lady GaGa took her name from a Queen song (Radio Gaga), and was inspired as a kid by the old rock icons like Elton John (long before he became a knight) and Ziggy Stardust/David Bowie. I enjoy some of her songs on the radio as do my kids, and find that she actually has a good voice when she isn’t screwing around with it. The piano duet she did with Sir Elton John on a music show is what showed her real vocal style. Her fashion style is over the top to make her “name”, and I figure like her former icons that she’ll drop the styles and reinvent herself like Madonna, once she’s a little more mature in her music.

    I won’t comment on the Satanic nature of the folks who don’t understand her. I remember being like that when I was young, had my religious awakening, and really didn’t know better.

  3. No… Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson are Shock Rockers… Lady Gaga is just plain loopy.

  4. lady gaga, kesha,marilyn manson,doda,madonna are satanic!
    they will go to hell very soon…

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