I Am A Self-Entitled Asshat

So today for Whack-A-Doodle Wednesday I want to talk about self-serving idiots.  Yesterday in Los Angeles, a rather D-list band, in a bid for attention, acclaim and a reality show contract, blocked the very busy 101 Hollywood freeway during rush hour with a semi truck.  They left one lane open, proceeded to get on top of the truck and play tunes including one from their repertoire about traffic jams.  Fortunately these idiots were arrested.  I really hope they spend time in jail though we all know they will pay a fine and be given community service.  Personally if I was stuck in the line of cars that stretched from Hollyweird out to the San Fernando Valley, I would be praying each and every one of these inconsiderate idiots could be cell mates with MadDog for a week or two.

News flash, your self-serving, idiotic publicity stunt does not give you the right to impact the lives of your fellow citizens like that.  You deserve not only jail time but time in the stocks.  Why don’t we have a pillory and a public square anymore?  Hell, I would PAY to toss rotten eggs and fruit at these idiots!  It could be a fundraiser and raise awareness that idiotic actions have consequences.

Now lest you think that shallow Los Angeles has the market cornered on self-entitlement, here is one from home.  In 2005, a bunch of idiot people from Canada, hung a VW bug off the Golden Gate Bridge, snarling traffic, rerouting shipping and causing the City a lot of money.  Evidently they suspended the car on a cable, hanging underneath the bridge in an idiot stunt designed to “draw attention to the masterful feats of professional engineers and to celebrate the skills of the tradespeople who built the bridges.”  Somehow I don’t think the men who built the bridge or died building it would be amused.

“There’s a little bit of a cheer that goes up when you see someone has found a way to put us on the TV and helped raise people’s awareness about engineering,” Julia Steele, president of the University of British Columbia Engineering Undergraduate Society, said today. “I think we all cheer when students do this.”

You know what Julia?  You have no business being the President of a lemonade stand let alone anything else.  If you think this is so great, why don’t you PAY for the police time, the time of all the commuters who were stuck on the bridge, the cost to the ships who had to be re-routed and the cost to remove the car as well as the recovery of said car (now non-biodegradable litter) that is in the Bay?  How about that?  You and those little criminals can pay for the damages your stunt caused and THEN we can pelt you with eggs and rotten fruit.

It is so comforting to know that Ms. Steele said the pranks are carefully planned to avoid causing injury to passers-by or anyone else.

“Part of being an engineer is public safety,” she said. “That’s the utmost. It’s in our code of ethics — public safety above all else.”

Yeah, it’s all Canadian fun and games until someone gets killed.  THEN what happens?  I know, I should really do something fun and full of engineering savvy to your house!  oooooo, IDEA!  Hey!  Nerds at Cal Tech!  I KNOW for a fact what clever little critters you are.  I will soooo pay you back in mint condition Jedi light sabers if you stack Miss Canada’s house real good!

Another bridge prank occurred in 1993, when a disc jockey for radio station KSOL – Manfred “Mancow” Muller – tied up traffic on the Bay Bridge by organizing vans to block all the westbound lanes while his sidekick, Jesus “Chuy” Gomez, got a haircut.  Muller was prosecuted and given three years’ probation, 100 hours of community service and a $500 fine.

Is it even possible for people not to act out of selfish, self-interest especially in the new world of YouTube, instafame and reality shows?

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