If You Are Animated Or An Animal, Are You Any Less Naked?

So last Friday we talked about Katy, her boobs and Tickle Me Down There Elmo.  Today, let’s talk about Elmo and Donald and a whole bunch of other critters who run around starkers without fear of recrimination.  First let’s hit Elmo.  Now really, hit him because I have no idea what he is suppose to be and he kinda creeps me out.

I guess he is a monster but he doesn’t eat cookies or shamble around.  All I can figure is that he just likes to get tickled which seems a little fetishy to me.  It is perfectly OK for Elmo to run around bare ass because he has fur and no discernible genitalia.  Fine, well let’s look at another muppet.  Kermit.

Technically Kermit never wore pants because Kermit has no legs.  Classic Kermie had Jim Henson’s hand up his torso so he was never technically naked in any genital way.  Now they did have times when they showed him with legs and he would wear clothes or go all amphibian however he is smooth.  He’s a frog.  I’ve dissected frogs and can’t remember for the life of me any sex organs.  I know they lay eggs so perhaps that makes them less sexual.  Like a chicken or a slug.

Then there is everyone’s favorite cartoon crazy, Donald Duck!

Donald unashamedly runs around without pants.  It’s never a problem except when he gets out of the shower and puts on a towel.  Why?  He runs around without pants all the time!  The other time he gets a bit of modesty is if he is posing for the Full Donald.

NOW all of a sudden he feels the need to cover the feather region that we were seeing before without a thought.  Perhaps it’s because without any clothes at all, it gives him a more naked appearance.  Perhaps Donald is channeling our own naked insecurities and is covering his feather parts for our own sake.  He seems to be saying “Hey, it’s OK when you have some clothes on to be free and not worry about your body but when there is a complete absence of clothes you must revert to the shocked, embarrassed and puritan view of your body even if there are no visible genitals involved.

By now you might be thinking these puppets and animated characters are very innocent, vanilla and non-threatening in a sexual nature and that is why we don’t care if they are naked.  Well let me introduce you to a cat that freaked out many people in the 1970’s.

Fritz the Cat can definitely be the bad boy of the cartoon world.  Here he is smoking and holding his junk, just like some guys I know.   The 1972 X-rated film by Ralph Bakshi was considered pornographic and may have added to the future explosion in the furry population.  It was rife with counterculture themes, drugs, protesting hippies, more drugs and animated animal sex.  These days if Fritz merited an R rating it would be solely based on the cat’s jimmy and not the multiple animated boobies.  Without the animated cat penis, this would be shown after 10pm on a network.  So is Fritz more offensive because he is more sexual and also more human?  He smokes dope, has sex, has radical ideas and isn’t just running around without pants.  He’s running around with ideas!  Hmmmmm, interesting.

I suppose everyone has their own take on what defines their own personal code of morality and everyone is welcome to it as long as it isn’t forced on others.  I mean honestly, would Avenue Q be staged on Broadway in the 1970’s or 1980’s?  Ummmmm, no.  I spent part of the show with my mouth hanging open during the hot puppet sex scene.  My friends thought nothing in that show would faze me but daaaammmnnnnn!  Still a great show though!  That was some freaky puppet sex let me tell you!  I will bow to the puppeteers for making me forget, ever so briefly, that what I was watching was felt and wire.

I think that’s it.  What people have issues with is what they are comfortable with or not in their own minds and that’s OK.  Just as long as I can still watch Avenue Q and Heavy Metal, I’m good.  You can keep Fritz the Cat.  Not because of the nudity but because it’s too dated and preachy.  Give me a good show tune any day!  Sing with me “The Internet Is For Porn!”

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