Flashing On Sesame Street

My sister posted this video on her Facebook page.  It seems the network has pulled this segment and will not air it on the show.  It will still be available on YouTube for viewing.  OK, are you sitting down?  I agree with them.  Yes, the woman who wears corsets for money and says things like “penis” and “Holy Sparkly VaJayJay Batman” thinks this is going too far.

Is she naked?  No.  Is she near naked?  No.  Is Elmo naked?  Yes which is a bit of a double standard but that’s another blog where we can also bag on Donald Duck for not wearing pants.  Do her boobs show way too much for a kids show whose target market is 2-7 year olds?  Yes.

I should say right now I have no idea who this chick is.  I thought she was a cast member on the show just doing an ill-fated skit that had really bad double meanings if you weren’t watching the screen.  Now I see on YouTube she has other videos (including one on how to put on eye shadow) so I guess she is a singer.  The song is fine, the costumer on the show should be shot.  Do you see more on the beach?  Sure but a PBS show for little kids isn’t the beach.  Here is my benchmark.  Would you go to the office or would you teach Kindergarten dressed like that?  Would you want your kids Kindergarten teacher dressed like that?  I’m thinking no.  I also would not want a male Kindergarten teacher wearing spray on pants that accentuates his huge, bulging Jimmy that is straining to break out of its cage and go on a rampage.

My sister is pretty conservative.  She has two kids (high school and junior high) and does not wear corsets for a living.  She thinks I have a potty mouth (which I do) and wouldn’t sing half the songs I do on a bet.  She thinks the dress is fine and most Moms would agree with her.  I find this Freaky Friday style flip in opinion fascinating.  So, do you think it’s too much for a pre-school show?  Extra points if you actually have kids.  Negative points if you are a guy who solely wants to drool on Katy’s boobs and doesn’t really care about the issue.

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  1. the video of the girls putting on eyeshadow is a different girl than the one in this video of Sesame Street. The singer/recording artist Katey Perry. The Skit on Sesame street is a spoof knock off of Katey’s song “Hot and Cold” the video for which can be seen here

    having watched the Sesame Street version, all I can say is that yes Katey’s dress is a tad inappropriate in cut for the demographics of the show….and if she actually had a bustline to speak of it would have classified as vulgar, but seeing as she as almost flat chested it’s not as if miles of cleavage were paraded around, so whats the big deal about?

  2. I have kids. I have kids who love Sesame Street. Ok, they loved it before they went to school, but they do like their Elmo even now. I, personally, thought the outfit was odd. Full backed dress, but bustier front? Yes, the front seems low cut, but the upper part is nude fabric, and she doesn’t have much of a cleavage anyway. And the skirt is to her knees. Technically she is covered, and more covered than many a female ice skater on the Olympics, which the kids have also watched.

    So what did I think of it? I didn’t mind it. I wouldn’t mind it if the kids watched it, because I see less being worn by the kids their age during the summer, especially with halter tops and short shorts. Heck, Tinkerbell wears less in her skimpy green outfit (my K-grade daughter adores Tinkerbell). But I can see where some are offended by it. And several of my conservative friends were offended. I am just… well, why a bustier front style top, and a bridal veil? That doesn’t make sense for the show. Yes I know she mentions she’s wearing “dress up” in the song, but that was a stretch and implies she was going to play “house” with Elmo. No, I don’t want to think of *that* any further. At least she did change the words to the song to make it fit better with a pre-K kid show.

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