Low Cost Celtic Concerts In the Bay Area? You Bethcha!

For the next five weeks, something special is coming to the Bay Area’s back yard.  The Northern California Renaissance Faire starts its five weekend run at Casa de Fruta near Hollister on the 152 east of Gilroy.  If you’ve been to the World Famous Gilroy Garlic Festival you know where that is.  The faire site is 15 minutes east of Gilroy and only a little over an hour from San Francisco.  It takes longer to get to the Sonoma Wine Country.  http://www.norcalrenfaire.org/index.html

For the second year in a row, the Northern California Renaissance Faire is offering after-hours Celtic rock concerts that are included in your ticket price on each Saturday night of the run.

This weekend, Tempest will be playing.  September 25th will be Culanns Hounds, October 2nd, the Young Dubliners will rock the stage, October 9th Molly’s Revenge will be appearing for the first time at Casa and the season will end with the Wicked Tinkers.  These concerts take place in the Joust arena.  Gates open at 5:45pm and the concert starts at 6pm.  http://www.norcalrenfaire.org/concerts.html

Many of these bands charge $30 – $60 for a performance at various venues throughout the country.  However, for $25 an adult (and children 12 and under FREE at all times) you get a whole day of fun, entertainment and get the concert thrown in as a bonus after the faire closes.  I can’t think of a better deal for a date or for a family outing.  The cost is comparable with admission to a county fair or two movie admissions.  Honestly, your value is TONS better than watching a double feature of piranha 3-D and I’m Still Here (that masturbatory dreck about Joaquin Phoenix’s disintegrating life and “rap” career).

While you can sit in the bleachers, standing & dancing in the sand filled arena is the best.  Kids have a lot more freedom, can dance off that sugar energy and the adults can get up close with the band.  After the hour-long concert, the audience is let directly into the parking lot so exiting is easy.

I highly recommend this as a great way to spend an afternoon or a weekend ($35 for a weekend pass).  Tell them the Queen sent you!

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