Creepy Facebook Stalker Coming To A Cell Phone Near You

It seems I have a Secret Admirer, or at least I did.  Last week a stranger called my cell phone, informed me he was my secret admirer, admitted I was a complete stranger, had no idea what I did for a living and thought “I looked nice”.  My iphone told me the call came from Glendale.  Now I am wondering the following things:

1) How did he get my phone number

2) Where did he see my picture

Everything points to Facebook.  It seems I listed my cell phone number on my Facebook profile.  It has since been taken down.  In an ongoing effort to discover this mans identity, I have a man call the number back and find the number is a google number.  Probably a scype one.  Great.  Dead end.  It was a mystery and a little creepy.  Guys, calling a girl you don’t know, saying you are her “secret admirer” IS GROSS AND CREEPY!!!!!!  DO NOT DO IT!

Update: So a half hour ago I get a call on my cell phone, this time from Unknown.  Now if you have an unlisted number, this is how your number will display and I’ve been looking for a job so I thought it might be a job call.  I pick it up.  Here is the conversation.

Me: Hello?

Him: Hi, it’s Ryan.

Me: RYAN!!!

Him: Hey, how are you doing?

Me: Fine, just fine.  It was good to see you!

Him: *confused* huh?

Me: Oh, you’re not my cousin Ryan?

Him: No I called you last Friday from LA.  This is Ryan Garnett.

Me: Do I know you?

Him: No.  I was at an internet cafe and someone left their FourSquare on and I saw you and thought you were attractive.

Me: Well thank you but I’m married.

Him: Oh I’m sorry, i apologize.  I won’t flirt with you anymore.

Me: That’s OK.  Thanks!

Him: Bye.

Now here is the other weird part.  What is the chance of a stranger coming along when someone had my Four Square page up?  Also my Four Square page, while it does list my picture, does NOT list my phone number.  That would be Facebook (or did until recently).  This is still a mystery.

Who is Ryan?  Well he sounded like a 28 year old white male.  Perfect serial killer demographic.  He didn’t sound like he was going to pursue this and who knows?  Maybe I just let the Love Of My Life go because his first move was kinda creepy.  Naw, who am I kidding?

Next: Facebook Stalking: There’s An App For That!

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  1. Wow .. and I thought I had wierd adventures. Kym told me I should write a book and title it “No Sh$# this stuff really DOES happen to me”. Maybe you should write on with that title too eh? LOL
    Whats a Four Square?

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