Get Your Boat Out Of My Space! – An SUV Story

Last week I was in Pasadena.  I needed to stop at the grocery store on a Sunday morning.  The parking lot was pretty empty.  When I went into the store I was eight spaces down with empty spaces on each side of my car.  There was plenty of parking all around me and closer to the store as well.  When I returned there were two HUGE SUVs parked on either side of my car.  I have so many questions…

WHY did you park next to me when there were plenty of empty spaces available?  Are you watching me try to squeeze into my car (which is parked between my white lines) looking like a demented circus performer?  Am I about to be Punked? While I am not the kind of person who would damage someone’s car on purpose, if your paint became chipped because I needed to open my DOOR, it falls in the category of “not my fault”.

I did a little research.  The average width of your typical car is 5 1/2 ft. vs. the average SUV width of 6 3/4 ft.  While SUVs seem to be waning in popularity, there are still a lot of them on the road and not all owners are considerate of the fact their parking footprint is that of a killer whale.

Here is another example of SUV parking gone wild.  I was going to the movies with friends.  The car we were in was a Saturn 4-door sedan.  The parking lot was PACKED (opening night of Inception) and spaces were at a premium.  While there is always some asshat who deliberately takes up two spaces, there are also SUVs who insist on parking in compact spaces and hang into the next space, rendering it near useless for a truly compact car.

We were desperate to find a space and get to our movie.  The ONLY space available was between two SUVs and yes, they were all compact spaces.  I thought nothing would fit there except maybe a Vespa.  My friends husband had other ideas.  He parked the car straight into the space but the driver’s door would only open about a foot.  He had to crawl to the passenger door (which opened about two feet), contort himself into a pretzel and squeeze out of the car.  He thinks people who have large cars parked in compact spaces should be towed.  I think if you park your boat of a car in a compact space, I should be allowed to scratch PRICK on your car door but that’s just me.

Let me tell you something SUV owners.  The word COMPACT is not a suggestion, it’s a rule.  Those spaces are smaller and are NOT suitable for your yacht of a car.  If the cars next to you can not open their doors without hitting your car, don’t complain when your car gets dinged.  I don’t advocate car violence but I do advocate better awareness on the part of drivers.  Be considerate of others and remember it’s not all about you.  The car door you save might be your own.

(image by “I’m just this guy, you know?”) – Read about his similar Pasadena SUV parking experience in his blog at  Perhaps there is something in the water in Pasadena besides hexavalent chromium 3.

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  1. Could not agree more. I have an SUV. It is a honda pilot; a bit smaller than the average. I would NEVER park in a compact. That is asinine. I need a bigger car to fit my bigger family and ridiculously big stroller. Another thing that irks me is how people park in the maternity or mom spots who don’t have families or are men and cannot possibly be expecting. Overall, it comes down to consideration for others. 200 years ago, consideration was a cultural must. Nowadays, it is seen as a weakness.

  2. Lol! I’m an suv owner too… And I NEVER park it in the small spaces. That’s a dick move. But your piece today does ask a question that I’ve never seen adequately answered… Why, in an empty parking spot, does someone always park next to the lone car in it? Is it some kind of misguided herd mentality? Some weird “our cars must huddle together for comfort” thought? Stop it! If I’ve parked a million miles away from other cars– leave my car alone! It’s a hermit, okay! It likes being lonely! It hates you and the dings your doors and shopping carts put in it. No offense just… If possible, you keep your distance from me… I’ll keep my distance from you. 🙂

  3. I also have an SUV. A Dodge Durango. It’s huge but I also need it for my large family. I NEVER park in compact spots, and if necessary will park at the back of the parking lot and *gasp* WALK. However, I have been the victim of compact cars pulling into the spot next to me all crooked making it impossible to open my car door me than a few inches. I’ve noticed it’s worse in the LA area where parking is at minimum & people feel entitled to their spot in front. It’s on these occasions that I have NO problem smacking the shit out of the compact car next to me. Door dings, paint smuges, scratches, whatever. Just a warning. The Durango you park next may be mine. Take your chances.

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