Bite Me People Magazine!

The other day I was at Barnes & Noble, minding my own business, when I was reminded of why our society is so messed up.  Now no insult intended to the talented Jennifer Hudson, large gals or people wanting to get into shape but this whole cover of People Magazine thing is a lie!  I’m sorry, you look great Jennifer but you are not a size 6.  There is nothing wrong with that but you are not a size 6 nor were you a size 16 in your before picture.  Why am I obsessed about this?  Because America is obsessed with female body image that’s based on bad science and lies so I’m calling this out.

First thing, beautiful Jenny has boobs and hips.  She had them before and she has them after.  Guess what?  My boobs are not as big as Jenny’s nor are my hips and I would never fit into a size 6 on a bet!  My legs would NEVER get into size 6 jeans.  Dresses would not zip with my 38″ D cup chest and it wouldn’t with hers either.  Now maybe in a Plus Size store that dress is a size 6 but not in Nordstrom.

This is what pisses me off, there is NOTHING wrong with Jennifer Hudson but Hollywood & society in general are so obsessed with sizes and numbers and diets and saying “I’m a size 6” when you aren’t, it gives girls a sense of self-hatred when they can’t fit into that size 6, even though they have a similar body.  It also gives men a focus of shallow beauty rather than substance and character.  And we wonder why girls today aspire to dance in a P Diddy video & swing on a pole rather than be President of the United States.

What can we do about it?  First, stop buying these rags.  Second, don’t judge yourself or others by their size.  Judge them by their sense of fairness, decency and character.  You can’t put a size tag on that!

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  1. Men’s clothing comes in number that actually mean something. When a man buys pants, he buys, say, 32″ x 30″ pants. When he buys a dress shirt or a suit, it’s all measurement numbers too. Even when he buys a T-shirt that just says “medium”, it’s the same medium as it was 20 years ago and it’s the same medium in just about every store.

    I never got why women’s clothing just comes with a strange number someone pulled out of the air. What’s so hard about listing some basic measurements? Wouldn’t you rather buy a 38-30-36 dress than a size 8?

  2. Heather Amaral


  3. I so agree Brookswift! It would make everyone’s life so much easier if they just listed the measurements but could you imagine the trauma?! Actually having to buy something with their real waist size! LOL! I know there are women out there that try to lie to themselves about what size shoe they wear and will stuff their feet into one size too small just so they can say they wear that size shoe! There are times I despair for my sisters out there.

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