Exotic Pets? Really?

As you may or may not know, Kirstie Alley has a cage… ummm, encampment…, make that a COMPOUND of Lemurs.  Yup, ring tailed lemurs as well as dogs, cats, rabbits and birds.  The dozen lemurs have 2 full time zoo-keepers and cost 50k a year.  I am sure that many celebrities and J-random people have more pets or stranger pets (like icky spiders or sugar bats) but the question I am asking is “How Many Is Too Many and Should Exotics Be Allowed As Pets?”

I guess you could say that since rich people have the money to take care of them, buy them food and clothes and stylists and spa days and shrinks, they should be able to have as many critters as they want as long as they can continue to keep them in regal splendor.  I mean having 25 animals in your 20 room Mc Mansion is just not the same as having 100 cats in a 1,200 sq ft home that is covered in feces.  But is it really?

Sure, the conditions are better but the animals, as well as most kids of the rich and famous, are left for the staff to take care of and raise since most of the glitterati have better things to do than clean the lemur/ferret/civit cat poo or spend time with their kids.  They are making movies, going to parties, avoiding paparazzi and how much time do they have to give some attention to their animals?  I’m thinking not much.

Pervy Michael Jackson had monkeys, the most famous of which was Bubbles.  What ever happened to Bubbles?  Well in the 90s he was give to the Center for Great Apes in Florida where he still lives and is doing well.   An interesting note: Jackson who planned to visit, never did and has never ponied up any cash for his former BFFs support.  Just like a man.  You want a kid when he is all young and cute and you can dress alike.  Then he grows up, hormones switch on, he starts humping your leg and off to the Ranchero For Exotic Animals Who Have Outlived Their Usefulness he goes.

Would I be allowed to have a lemur or a monkey?  Ummm, no.  Aside from the fact that I can’t afford to feed and house either of these, is it really fair to the animal to have the run of my condo, destroying things at will out of boredom and ennui.  I know there are laws.  San Francisco states you can not have more than 4 of any combo of small animal in a dwelling including dogs, cats, rodents and birds including CHICKENS.  Why people would have lunch as a pet is beyond me but hey, as long as it’s not waking me up, I don’t care.  Fresh eggs would be nice but the smell… That would not be pleasant.

So since us peasants are not allowed more than 4 pets, how do these stars get to have Noahs Ark in their backyard?  And just because they flaunt the law, does that make it right?

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  1. yeah…… the worst offense I thought was when the Osborns had their show… they lived in Bev Hills and had 13 dogs. LA animal laws say ONLY 3 per address…. but they are rich so Animal Control turned away. Yet if it was me, spending every penny I earned for food & keep, I guarantee you I’d be fined and 10 of my dogs hauled away, to be possibly euthanized at the shelter. yup, the people who can afford the fines don’t get fined. And the folks who can’t afford it get nailed.

    Yeah, I used to think the law was written for *everybody*. Sadly I learned the truth by working for Animal Control.

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