Young Geeks in Love Return.. Plus One

So I was called back to my last temp job to do a few days training and sluggishly got back into the groove of ferry commuting into The City.  As I was waiting for the 8:20 ferry, I saw with great glee that the Young Geeks in Love were back!  I had been gone for 2 weeks and was totally going through geek withdrawal.  This past week had been spent in Los Angeles,  where geeks and clean water were in short supply.

It seems that during my absence they have acquired a new member of their little family.  A baby?  Hardly.  A puppy?  Closer.  It’s an iPad!!!!  They were cooing over the new applications, taking turns holding it carefully and laughing at its high tech antics.  I sidled over and was overjoyed that “Geekette” remembered me.  I oooohed and ahhhed over the fledgling technological wonder.

They even let me hold it and try out a few things.  The keyboard is so much larger which is better on my eyes and leads to fewer posting errors.  The apps have more room to show their splendor, it is also a book reader and if you want to play games, you feel like a grown up and are not squinting away at an inferior DS.

I was so happy to see them back in their natural habitat.  It makes me feel that all is right with the world.

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