Botox: The Zombie Culture in Practice

BOTOX® (Botulinum Toxin Type A) Purified Neurotoxin Complex is a sterile, vacuum-dried purified botulinum toxin type A, produced from fermentation of Hall strain Clostridium botulinum type A grown in a medium containing casein hydrolysate, glucose and yeast extract. It is purified from the culture solution by dialysis and a series of acid precipitations to a complex consisting of the neurotoxin, and several accessory proteins. The complex is dissolved in sterile sodium chloride solution containing Albumin Human and is sterile filtered (0.2 microns) prior to filling and vacuum-drying.

Wow.  Think about what you just read and ask yourself “Does this sound like something I want to shoot into my face?”  Honestly, really think about it for a minute.  You would take a freeze-dried derivative of botulism, the poison you can get from spoiled food, and inject it into your face?!  Why?  Because you are vain?  Because society told you that you must look like you are 20 when you are 60 or else we will stick you on an ice floe?

It is just shocking that the media portrays mainly female beauty as perpetually 20, thin, white and blond with huge boobs.  This is so not the case in life but the media keeps beating this idea like a baby harp seal and we keep buying the coats.  Yes!  If you fall into this vain media trap you are wearing the mental equivalent of a baby harp seal coat.

I hate to break this to you but young does not equal better.  You only understand this when you are older with the advantage of hindsight.  You look back at your 20 something self and cringe.  All the idiot choices, all the stupid behaviour, the lack of knowledge with the hubris of believing you knew everything important already.

Sure youth is wasted on the young.  Perhaps aging backwards is the way to go so we can take advantage of our wisdom and be able to appreciate and rock the young, hot bod.  That is an idea though I personally think Sean Connery looks tons better older than he did in Bond.  Men do tend to “age gracefully” and women tend to be hags.  I don’t think we need to look worse as we get older though Botox is not the answer.

Running the risk of freezing your face, deforming your face or getting so addicted to surgery you end up looking like a freak of nature:

The best thing you can do to stay young looking is to exercise, hydrate , use sunscreen, don’t do excessive drugs and STOP shooting poison into your face.  Your older self will thank you and so will the rest of us.

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