We Get All Excited About A Crane

For the third time in as many years, huge 253-foot-tall cranes arrived from Shanghai, and had to be squeezed under the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge at low tide, on their way to Oakland.  The first time this happened the locals viewed it with rabid enthusiasm that I didn’t understand.  They are CRANES.  If you want to see them standing still, go to the Port of Oakland and goggle at the cranes and the teamsters and railcars while you are at it.

Perhaps it was because they were floating!  oooooooooo or because they came all the way from China.  It still doesn’t make sense to me.  We live on the water people!  You can see lots of things float and I’ll bet 1/4 of the items in your house are from China.  I didn’t see you make a parade for that stapler you bought.

Soon however, the luster started to wear off.  California residents, on the whole, are not much with the long term memory and get bored rather fast.  They are soon off to the next new thing and only express annoyance at the traffic breaks on the Bay Bridge the CHP needs to run for 15-20 minutes while the Godzilla tall cranes slip underneath.  Why?  Because the weight of the cars on the Bay Bridge lowers it and since they only have between 5-9 feet of clearance up top, it matters.

The Port of Oakland is one of the busiest ports in the nation and these cranes allow them to unload container ships which are too wide to fit through the Panama Canal.  BTW, those cranes cost approx. $10 million each,  Yeah, TEN MILLION DOLLARS EACH!  Now go count the number of cranes in Oakland and do the math.  If you go to public school, you can use your fingers.  That is a lot of dough.  I really hope the Port is getting some increased business and generating more jobs to make this worth it.

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