Mind The Gap or Why Don’t People Squoosh In?

I’ve been waiting in a lot of lines lately.  Commutes will do that to you and I have noticed something.  Why are people in the front of a line are afraid to move up so that the back of the line can come forward.  Why is that?  Here is an example for you;  As you know I take the ferry into The City for work.  I usually get to the Larkspur Ferry 20 minutes before my boat docks.  This morning, there were about 10 people waiting.  There was a HUGE open space that could have fit 4 adults but it was ringed by other people, reading their papers, checking their mail on their iphones or crackberries .  These people were oblivious and soooo not minding the gap!

Why should I care?  I think it is common courtesy.  I’m not asking you to smoosh into each other like the Tokyo subway at rush hour but if you look behind you 10 minutes before the boat docks you will see all these people stretching out towards Japan and they could be closer if people just filled in the gaps.

This morning, I slipped between a woman reading a book and a businessman on his crackberry, walked a whole 4 steps (that’s about 12 feet) and found a space right at the front rail.  Sometimes I get shot pissy looks from people when I do this BUT I figure “Hey, if you think I am cutting in front of you, you had the option to move up and you didn’t do it.  There was a ton of space you elected not to fill.”

This is especially telling when you are disembarking from the ferry.  Some people still want their protective bubble around them, leaving the people behind them to balance on the stairs.  If people just moved to a comfortable distance, another 15 people easy could make it on the main boat deck from the stair well.  Is that too much to ask?  Are people that afraid of others, that protective of their space?  Are they just clueless or rude?  It isn’t for me to say but as long as people continue to leave a bubble gap, I will continue to fill it and encourage other to do the same.

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