Potato Smuggler on the Ferry or Weird San Francisco Jogger

I’m not sure who are stranger – joggers or bike riders.  I have some very strong opinions about militant bike riders but no problem at all with their ferry rider counterparts.  They are polite, place their bikes in their assigned racks or spaces and don’t impose any type of poser pretense on the rest of the riders.  Well yesterday morning was foggy and rainy and a dreary day to be sure.  Geek Grrl was somewhere on the sunny eastern seaboard so I had nothing to do except contemplate a nap since The Abomination (my Maine Coon cat) kept waking me up every hour to warn me of something dire.  I’m not sure exactly what she was trying to warn me of – global warming, demonic possesion, hippies in the punch bowl.  She tries.

Anyway I am trying to relax and here comes a bearded, middle aged guy, decked out in black spandex and smuggling potatos in his pants or at least that is what it looks like to me.  Not only that… he is jogging past me.  Umm, yeah, jogging past my seat on the ferry. I thought he just ran on the boat and was trotting to his seat.  No.  Mr Potato Pants jogged by me not once, not twice but four damn times before a ferry hall monitor told him to sit his joggy ass down.  I have no idea if his nuts had to get their own seat.

WHY do we have to be subjected to that first thing in the morning with no coffee or danish or glue to sniff?  It just isn’t fair.  Yeah, that was a great way to start a Monday.

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  1. I hope he did have to pay extra for his potatoes. And, maybe you need a stiff shot of vodka before you get on the ferry in the a.m., just to get through monday.

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