Young Geeks In Love… Or Not?

So I haven’t seen the Young Geeks in Love (YGiL) for nearly a week.  I was starting to get concerned.  First I thought it was because I changed where I sat (My usual run is 8:20am on the ferry Mariposa) and they usually went downstairs so maybe i didn’t see them.  Then I started watching the people get off the ferry, like some freaky stalker, and didn’t see them either.  I thought maybe there were on vacation or at a geek conference or something.

Then Monday I saw her in the morning but not him.  I wanted to run after her and ask about her counter part but i thought that might provoke too many questions and inquiries and she might find out I was blogging about them and what if they aren’t a couple or they broke up or they are international spies and I blew their cover?

I am so confused.  Yesterday I took the early 7:55am ferry Napa as I had left early in order to stop by Starbucks at the Point on get chai & a free morning bun because how can you turn down FREE?  Today I am planning to be back on my same ferry so I will have to keep an eye on this situation.  More as it develops.

(Yes, that is a quick photo.  Not really great but it gives you an idea.  If you are an agent from Iran or China or Russia or whichever country we are pissed at today, this is NOT them.)

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