You are not getting a pony…

and you are certainly NOT getting $70-80,000 for a secretary job!

The way young people’s minds work is amazing.  I guess this means I am now an old person.  I like to think of myself as a mature person of snark.  “HEY!  You Kids!  Get Off My Lawn!”  Why the rant?  Well I have been looking for a full time job for… wait for it.. 5 years.  Yeah, 5 years.  I’ve had temp jobs, I’ve done theatre gigs, school class performances, sold things on Ebay, broke into my 401K.  Still looking for a full time job.

Let me tell you I was in the world of fab that I wish every damn day I had back again.  My life is just not the same.  My work world was challenging, the people were nice and fun, you could bring your dog to work, we had monthly beer bashes, there was a cafe on campus, a dry cleaner, travel agent, gym, fooz ball table, climbing wall.  We had tons of cash and hip titles like “Vice President of Fun”  .Ahhhhh, the life of glory & plenty that came crashing down as sure as Rome fell.

Guess what? The fun is over boys & girls but these kids didn’t get the memo.  They still think they can get $70,000 or $80,000 for a secretary/bookkeeper job that is 32 hours a week and starts at $40k, which is average.  Hear that Nemo – AVERAGE!  If you want to make 80K, you will have to sell your soul to the devil, otherwise known as some high priced executive in a soulless company where you will be his indentured servant and on call 28/9.  Did you see or read The Devil Wears Prada?  THAT is the kind of boss you will have while you have no life, your soul gets chipped away but you cuddle up with your money 3-4 hours a week because that is all the free time you will have.

So I am temping and we are looking for a bookkeeper.  QuickBooks is a must.  Nice guys to work with, I can see the Bay Bridge from my desk.  No you can’t bring your dog to work or decorate your desk with troll dolls BUT it is a nice job and we need someone.  Any takers out there?  Why don’t I take it?  While I can work a QuickBooks program but that is different than being good at math.  I suck at math and right now I am breaking out in a cold sweat of having to reconcile books in another few weeks if we don’t find someone.

It just makes me sad and frustrated that we can’t find a decent candidate because the people we like want too much money and the others have:
– Bad looking resumes
– Resumes with typos
– Live in Southern California
– Have references that are hinky and don’t check out
– Resumes with Typos  (I know I said it already but it bears repeating.  One gal who lives in the City was eliminated because she spelled her street “ofarell”.  Here is a hint honey, the street name is spelled O’Farrell.  EVERYONE who lives in SF knows that.

Next time I will tell you what not to do in an interview.  Wearing flip flops with a business suit is right out for one.  So, why am I pickin’ on the “youngins?  Because there are the only ones that I see making this mistake.  I am sure there are some clueless old people but most of us, through a thing called experience, had that idiocy beat out of us.  Just like when we saw Rome come crashing down around our ears in the bust of aught three.

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