I’m A Tweaker – The Story of A Sugar Rabbit

This is part of a window display at a lovely shop called Yolk in Silver Lake in Southern California.  Admit it, even if it is genius to have peep bunnies in plastic egg halves it’s even better to have the one peep bunny that is a tweaker.

Yup, there had to be 50 bunnies in that window but this one had to be different, special.  I really identify with this slightly off rabbit.  He seems to say “Hey, I could be like all of you but why bother?  I want a small fragment of originality to set me apart from the bunny herd.”

Maybe he was born different, maybe he got his ear caught in a door, maybe he was in a bunny brawl & it was pulled.  So many stories, so many possibilities but the rabbit stays mum.  Stoic.  An island of sugar silence.  Mayhap we should listen to the silence of this rabbit and learn something about ourselves.

Or we could just eat him.

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  1. And he is sitting on a bunch of cactus, lol!

  2. Looking at that whole window, I didn’t know whether to photograph them or eat them! Such a great store…. and a fun day. 🙂

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