Young Geeks In Love: A Ferry Story

Well after hearing about the entitled asshat Geek from yesterday I thought I would show the other side of the coin: Young Geeks In Love.  I take the Larkspur Ferry at 8:20 each morning to get to work by 9:30.  Every morning I see the same 2 people.  She is about 5’2″, 160, red hair in braids down her back, glasses, great smile, Doc Martins, Razor Scooter.  He is about 5’10”, 190, long brown hair in a ponytail to his butt, glasses, beard, jeans, Mac shirts, Razor Scooter, iPod nano in bright blue, cool flame trainers and a penchant for on-line games:

They are so cute!  Everyday they are at the ferry, waiting at the gate, talking about the newest games (usually WoW, Beatles Rockband or BioShock), a dog named Victor who hangs at “the office” and spending a weekend hiking.

Once on the ferry, they sit together by the window (on the right side so they can look at the water and Angel Island and not the prison).  They aren’t married but they are so damn cute!  The share a donut, they are bubbly and fun.  On the trip back yesterday I saw them over at the Slanted Doors counter service place, sharing a spring roll.  I must admit it made me a little jealous.  Why can’t a find a guy like that?

*sigh*  Well I need to go commute now.  Still no prospects to meet someone fabulous on the ferry.  Maybe I should ask the Young Geeks in Love where they met?

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  1. What I am struck by is your ability to describe your observations in such a casually compelling style. It’s really quite nice.

    I recently read a book called, “Calling in the One”. I forget the author at the moment, but it’s a workbook that the author recommends one uses in a group format. Check it out and get back to me if you’re at all interested. For me, this is one of the last -big- horizons for personal growth.

    Molly Burke CPCC MSU
    Queen of Confidence
    “Everyone can use an extra boost of confidence every now and again.”

  2. Rachelle and I met at faire. Our first kiss happened because the Queen missed her cue, during a glade stop, with a full audience….

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