Why Can’t I Have Jimmy Choos?

I have been feeling I might have made the wrong choices in my life.  If I had started stuffing my feet into high heels at a young age I would have a shortened hamstring and be molded into these calf & booty accentuating confections with ease.

But no, I liked to be comfortable.  My feet are now too old to be re-molded into spike heels for any period of time without screaming a protest to every part of my body.  My brain tells me that I made the right choice.  Human feet where not built for this torture anymore than they were designed for foot binding, ballet dancing or platform shoes.

There is also the money issue.  Those pair of uber cute Mary Janes you see are $525.  Yes, over $500 for SHOES.  I could fly round trip during Christmas from CA to Washington DC and have money left over to buy a copy of Up, a P!nk CD, and a nice lunch with wine at this cute bistro in The District.  All that for something you WEAR ON YOUR FEET!!!  Logic dictates that if you pay that much money for a pair of shoes, you aren’t going to wear them all the time.  They are “special occasion” shoes or shoes you pull out to show off and make your friends cry hot tears of envy.  At least if you wear them non-stop you get some use out of them.

Now I will pay $100-200 for a pair of well made, comfortable, reasonable heeled shoes that last.  But $500 seems to be stretching things just a bit.  I suppose if I had a ton of money and it was either buy 6 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes or a Cambodian orphan, I would go with the shoes.  The shoes don’t spit up on me.

Perhaps women are just doomed to a lifetime of wearing torturous footwear for the sake of fashion and one upping snark.  I personally would like a combination of fashion and frivolity with comfort.  Why can’t I be fashion forward without being in pain?  Wait, there is one set of shoes that is all those things and they grew into icons!

Now all I need is one good fairy to liberate them for me!  I’m not holding my breath but at least they are more attainable than owning Jimmy Choo stilettos.  Hmmmm, I wonder.

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